There’s a law for everything we do, and luckily there are people who can understand and
interpret how it applies to us. Lawmakers and litigators break it down and help us fathom what
legalese really means.

From civil and criminal litigation to the latest in copyright and intellectual property law, hear what our experts are saying about the challenges they are facing in the current legal climate.  New avenues for the application of law are appearing every day, creating not only exciting opportunities, but obstacles that often have unforeseen repercussions.  Take a look inside how the law works with the people who make, enforce and carry out all of the intricacies that keep the fabric of our legal system and society together.  Join the professionals who are in the trenches and dealing with these situations in real time, as they share their insights, concerns, questions and solutions.


Shoveling Smoke

Attorneys from Frantz Ward LLP, a full-service law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, host a new Lawcast series designed to "clear away the smoke" found in the gray areas of law and provide listeners with an understanding of legal issues and newsworthy events affecting the world today.

Masters of Dispute Resolution

Nationally respected mediator Len Levy explores the world of mediation with those mediators who have proven themselves to be true Masters of Dispute Resolution.  These neutrals, including retired jurists, attorneys, and other pioneers in the field of mediation, will provide insights that will assist attorneys and other consumers of dispute resolution services to achieve optimum results and maximize client satisfaction in mediation.