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Fred Wallin is a long-time local and national radio and TV sports talk host.  With over 40 years on the air, he is a familiar voice from KABC’s Sportstalk in Los Angeles, CA, and has brought his unique, informed, no-nonsense reporting style to sports media markets around the country. Fred is heavily focused on every aspect of sports - media, business, collectibles, and sports wagering of all kinds - and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with listeners.

Features Overview

What's Happening to Sports Journalism?


Fred and Art question Sports Illustrated's choice of Deion Sanders as Sports Person of the Year.  Has his controversial first-year coaching style, as well as Colorado’s losing record, warranted the accolade?  Is sports journalism becoming a shadow of its former self, with periodicals like SI and USA Today Sports Weekly reducing their output?  What does Mark Cuban have in mind for the Mavericks?  And will Brandon Staley continue to call LA home after this season?

Mourning the Loss of Real Sports


Fred, Art, and Mark lament the cancellation of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel after 29 years on the air. Is it the money or a move away from hard-hitting reporting that factored into HBO’s decision? Will Jim Harbaugh’s continued suspension affect Michigan in their 118th rivalry game with Ohio State, and will Marvin Harrison Jr. lead the Buckeyes to a win? And how big is Lance Lynn’s one-year paycheck for re-signing with the Cardinals?

Lack of Disclosure in the NFL Gambling Process


Fred and Art consider the gambling problem in the NFL and a decided lack of transparency in reporting injuries that affect how sports betting is conducted.  What is Roger Goodell’s position on the matter?  When did Joe Burrow really hurt his arm?  Is Deshaun Watson dealing with karma?  Will Sean McVay surprise the Seahawks with another Rams win?  And can Travis Kelce’s love story translate into winning energy in the afterglow of his vacay in South America?

The Sexiest Man in the NFL?


Fred and Art contemplate whether or not Travis Kelce is considered the sexiest man in football at the moment, and if so, is it on his own merit or because of his girlfriend?  Will Deebo Samuel be just what the 49ers need after three straight losses?  Was Michigan “scouting” and not signal-stealing?  What will happen to Jim Harbaugh?  And should Bronny James sit out this season to fully heal after his cardiac arrest and subsequent heart surgery?

Do Big Sports Price Tags Leave Fans Out in the Cold?


Fred, Art, and Mark wonder what lies ahead for the LA Clippers with James Harden joining the team.  Will his big personality stir up some controversy?  Could Cody Bellinger move a little closer to LA next season?  Can fans afford to watch sports?  Are Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football facing heavy sanctions for their alleged sign stealing?  And is Damar Hamlin going to be on the field with the Bills in Cincinnati?

How About Those Quarterbacks?


Fred, Art, and Mark focus on the guys in charge of the offense on the gridiron, the quarterbacks, speculating how well-matched they are against their opponents this week.  With his strong completion record, is Bo Nix up to the challenge as Oregon meets Washington?  Can Tua Tagovailoa resist the pressure from the Patriots at home in Miami?  Is Kirk Cousins the Vikings' secret weapon?  And will Tyrod Taylor be the winning QB in the battle of the NY teams?

Irish Eyes Were Smiling After Battling the Trojans


Mark has the day off, so it's down to Fred and Art to unravel what went wrong with USC in their annual duel with Notre Dame.  Was the Fighting Irish running game too much for the Trojans?  Did Caleb Williams’ performance change his standing in the Heisman polls?  Does Michael Penix now have a better chance in the race?  Has James Franklin prepared Penn State enough to beat Ohio State?  And just how much hot water are Jim Harbaugh and Michigan in right now?

College Football Rivalry Weekend


Fred, Art, and Mark are looking forward to some exciting time-honored college football rivalries and stand-out quarterback matchups this weekend.  Are Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix the hottest contenders for the Heisman, and can their Washington/Oregon encounter give one a boost over the other?  Who will emerge victorious between Lincoln Riley and Marcus Freeman in the USC/Notre Dame clash?  And why do some top MLB teams go stale while playing in the postseason?

The Great Coaching Quandary


Fred, Art, and Mark question the cultures created by college coaches and the effect on their teams.  Has Mick Cronin helped some UCLA basketball players decide to leave early?  Does Lincoln Riley need stronger defensive guidance at USC?  Who do Notre Dame athletes and fans prefer between former leader Brian Kelly and current coach Marcus Freeman?  And is it anyone’s guess as to which NL and AL teams will be the last ones standing in the MLB Division Series?

The Pac-12 Shines in Final Season Together


Fred, Art, and Mark are surprised at the performance of the Pac-12 teams in their last year of remaining intact.  Would this high level of play in earlier seasons have been able to keep the conference together?  Is Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. looking like Heisman Trophy material?  Will Deion Sanders be lauded for his coaching style in Colorado?  Does Brandon Staley have a plan to boost the Chargers?  And is Mike Trout saying goodbye to Anaheim?

Which Coast Will Claim Shohei Ohtani?


Fred, Art, and guest Laura Snoke have whittled down the possibilities of where Shohei Ohtani will land next season.  Is there a chance he’ll stay in SoCal, or does Steve Cohen have a more appealing offer?  Jonathan Smith’s OSU team is one of the last stalwarts in the ever-diminishing Pac-12.  Will another conference swoop in and snap them up?  And what are Sean McVay’s prospects in 2024, given the Rams' recent not-quite-so-stellar record?

It’s Anybody’s Game in the NFL


Fred, Art, and Fred’s cousin Andy Baran compare predicting how the NFL season will pan out to playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Did Aaron Rodgers mentor Jordan Love enough to fill his cleats as Green Bay’s new QB?  Was Josh Allen lulled into a false sense of security because Aaron wasn’t there when the Bills played the Packers?  Will Joe Burrow's new haircut bring him luck?  And how will the breakup of the Pac-12 impact the players as student-athletes?

Football is Back, but Will Fans Get to Watch It?


Fred, Art, and Mark weigh in on the big football match-ups now that the season is underway.  In the Buckeye State’s opener, will the Browns' Deshaun Watson and the Bengals' Joe Burrow show why they get paid some of the biggest paychecks in the NFL?  Are Kirk Cousins and the Vikings favored against Baker Mayfield and the Bucs?  Is the Pac-12 starting its final season on top?  And will sports fans fight back against the big cable companies?

Down to the Pac-2?


Fred and Art shake their heads in disbelief as the once mighty Pac-12 has been whittled down to the Pac-2.  Is Larry Scott returning as commissioner?  Are the traditions that have been the hallmark of sports falling by the wayside?  Will Trey Lance have a chance to show his QB potential as Dak Prescott’s backup on the Cowboys?  And is Matt Stafford on the older side of a generational challenge with this year’s Rams?

The Ever-Shrinking Pac-12


Fred, Art, and guest Laura Snokes share their misgivings over the future of the Pac-12 now that it has been whittled down to the Pac-4.  Could ex-commissioner Larry Scott have foreseen the difficulties the creation of the Pac-12 network would unleash?  Where in the world is Mick Cronin heading with the Bruins?  Jennifer Cohen just became the first female athletic director for which SoCal school?  And a 1947 Jackie Robinson rookie card sold for HOW much?

Can a Simple Date Change Save Lives?


Fred, Art, and Mark wonder if pushing the Preakness date out an additional one to two weeks after the Kentucky Derby could make a difference in the alarming number of equine casualties during Triple Crown season.  Would Belmont organizers agree to it?  Is it the right time for Damar Hamlin to be back on the field?  How is Dick Vitale?  And will the Washington Commanders face yet another name change as the season begins under their new ownership?

Was He Just Doing His Job?


Fred, Art, and Fred’s cousin Andy Baran examine the possibility that Orioles announcer Kevin Brown was suspended for sharing an opinion on the team’s record that the organization did not want bandied about.  Was he a scapegoat?  Mike Lorenzen pitched an entire nine-inning no-hitter in his first home game with the Phillies.  Would he be given the same chance by Dave Roberts if he played for the Dodgers?  And does Rob Manfred have a lot to answer for in the new iteration of baseball?

Remembering a One-of-a-Kind Broadcaster and Gentleman


Fred, Art, Mark, and guest Matt Ward of Golf Today reflect upon the life of Vin Scully on the first anniversary of his passing, noting that even amid all of the curve balls thrown at him, he approached those hardships with grace and humility.  With the golfing world awash in controversy, what lies ahead for Jay Monahan and Greg Norman and their respective leagues?  And now that Tiger Woods is on the PGA policy board, does he have his eye on becoming commissioner?

New Leagues, New Owners, New Teammates


Fred, Art, and Mark are concerned that Saudi Arabia may be looking to expand its reach into other sports by creating a basketball league to compete with the NBA.  Are additional rival leagues to follow, prompting the question of when money talks, do ethics walk?  Will Josh Harris and Magic Johnson be the prime example of providing positive organizational cultures in their recent acquisition of the Washington Nationals, and can Joe Kelly and Lance Lynn give a boost to the Dodger’s pitching staff?

Will NIL Laws Go National?


Fred, Art, and guest Laura Snoke weigh in on the legislation being introduced by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and others in a bipartisan effort to codify laws nationally for the NIL.  Some states have more advantageous laws than others, so would this bill create a better framework or be seen as federal overreach?  Are running backs like Saquon Barkley and Josh Jacobs underappreciated by the NFL?  And, as Shohei Ohtani’s contract deadline draws near, where will call home come August?

Suspensions Aplenty, Legal Battles Galore


Fred, Art, and Mark are surprised at the number of sports figures who have recently been suspended and are now facing a lot of unintended quality time in the company of lawyers.  Will the NFL Network bring Michael Irvin back?  What chance does Bob Huggins have of being reinstated at West Virginia after his drunk driving arrest?  Did Pat Fitzgerald know about the hazing culture on his Northwestern football team?  And has AI created a modern-day Wilt Chamberlain?

Has Sports Become All About the Benjamins?


Fred, Art, and Mark worry that there has been a paradigm shift in the focus of sports, where everything revolves around the pursuit of the almighty dollar instead of the players, fans, and games themselves.  Are Billie Jean King and the WTA looking into partnering with Saudi Arabia?  Did Mark Emmert foresee the problems that have resulted from the NIA and transfer portal?  And will Bob Baffert ever be allowed to race at Churchill Downs again? 

Public Perception and Big Money in Sports


Fred, Art, and Fred’s cousin Andy Baran break down the recent expanding relationship between the NFL and gambling.  Is it a case of managing public perception of a crackdown on athletes while still bringing in the betting bucks?  Will Jay Monahan be able to keep the PGA afloat if the LIV deal falls through?  Why is Austin Barnes catching for the Dodgers more often than Will Smith, who has a better batting average?  And is Rob Manfred’s constant rule-changing making baseball unrecognizable?

The US Government Delves Into PGA-LIV Merger


Fred, Art, Mark, and Matt Ward, an editor of Golf Today, wonder what the true details of the alliance between the PGA and LIV might be and if they will come to light.  Will upcoming government investigations answer these questions or create more?  How much of a part did LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman have in making this merger happen?  And was Jay Monahan referring to ill health when he said changing circumstances influenced his opinion reversal? 

It Ain’t Easy Trying to Please Everyone


Fred, Art, Mark, and guest sports historian Matthew Di Biase weigh in on the difficulties franchises are experiencing in navigating through controversies over inclusivity within their fanbases.  Can athletes like Clayton Kershaw comment without fear of fan reprisals?  How does the future look for Jamal Murray after his stellar NBA Finals performance?  Did Rob Manfred do all he could to keep the Oakland A’s from relocating?  And what made Jay Monahan say OK to the LIV deal?

Is Morality an Endangered Species in the Sports World?


Fred, Art, and Mark address the issue of morality in sports as the PGA Tour has decided to join the LIV in a $10B deal.  What do Commissioner Jay Monahan and Rory McIlroy, formerly against it, have to say about it now?  How about the morality of athletes gambling, a la Pete Rose?  And with the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s wins and the last of his descendants reaching grand old ages, should owners risk horses' lives at Belmont in the unhealthy air from the Canadian fires?

Changes Ahead in Horse Racing and College Sports


Fred, Art, and Fred’s cousin Andy Baran question the high number of casualties in horse racing lately.  Is the industry taking enough precautions to ensure the horses’ safety?  Why is Coach Kirby Smart concerned about the sea change in college sports since the advent of the transfer portal and NIL?  And what made UCLA’s Tyger Campbell opt for basketball’s G League instead of staying for his final year with Mick Cronin? 

The NBA Playoffs Heat Up


Fred, Art, Mark, and guest Laura Snoke lay out their predictions for the NBA Playoff series between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.  Can Jayson Tatum help Boston stay in it until Game 7?  Is it a slam dunk for Jimmy Butler and Miami to continue on their winning streak?  Does LeBron James plan to make some changes and stay with the Lakers, or is he considering new beginnings away from LA?  And will Noah Syndergaard find his footing with the Dodgers?

Baffert’s Back for The Preakness


Fred, Art, and Mark explore the controversies running throughout the sport of kings as horse trainer Bob Baffert returns from suspension for the 148th Preakness Stakes.  What is causing the alarming number of horses across racing needing to be put down in the last few years?  Will Anthony Davis and LeBron James be healthy enough to play against the Denver Nuggets?  And the sports world mourns the loss of legendary NFL great, Jim Brown.

Are There Different Standards of Accountability for Inappropriate Remarks?


Fred, Art, and Mark wonder if WVU basketball coach Bob Huggins’ suspension for homophobic slurs against rival school Xavier is merely a token sanction and not a significant discouragement.  A’s broadcaster Glen Kuiper has not been back in the booth since his use of a racially inappropriate word on air.  Are there some disparities here?  Will Noah Syndergaard recover to pitch for the Dodgers this season?  And will the Lakers bench bring in a playoff win with Anthony Davis injured?

Dodgers on a Winning Streak and Bellinger Swings Big for the Cubs


Fred and Art welcome guest Laura Snoke to debate the state of the Dodgers and share their predictions for the NBA Playoffs.  Will the Dodgers continue their winning streak?  With Cody Bellinger healthier and batting over 300 for the Cubs, should Dave Roberts have given him more healing time so that the Dodgers would benefit from Bellinger’s skills?  Which team will triumph in the Lakers/Warriors series?  And is there an unofficial rivalry between LeBron James and Steph Curry?

Deion Sanders and the Buffalo Migration


Fred, Art, and Mark are surprised at the sheer number of football players that have left Colorado through the Transfer portal since Deion Sanders signed on as coach.  He said he’d clean house when he took over, but did he set the bar too high for the players to reach?  Aaron Rodgers faces some challenges in New York, the Atlanta Falcons drafted award-winning Bijan Robinson, and did Lamar Jackson ink a historic NFL deal without an agent?

Sports Betting and Olympic Sanctions


Fred, Art, and Mark weigh in on the consequences faced by NFL players who have violated the league’s gambling policy and are currently suspended.  Will they be reinstated or banned for life like Pete Rose?  What circumstances are acceptable for sports gambling?  Has Mick Cronin’s coaching style led to all of his starters declaring for the draft?  Are the Dodgers regretting letting Cody Bellinger go?  And will Russia be excluded from the 2024 Paris Olympics because of Vladimir Putin’s actions?

Tiger Bows Out of The Masters


Fred, Art, and Mark applaud Tiger Woods for his gallant effort to try and finish the Masters, but with rain, plantar’s fasciitis, and the lingering effects of his accident and injuries, he withdrew after playing only seven holes.  Will he be healthy enough for future tournaments?  What reception can Cody Bellinger expect as a Chicago Cub at Dodger Stadium?  How does Kevin Cash coach a winning team on a shoestring budget?  And is Mick Cronin’s stubbornness working against the Bruins?

NCAA Finals and MLB Beginnings


Fred, Art, and Mark discuss the Women’s and Men’s NCAA Tournament Finals, noting the record viewership achieved by the Women’s Championship game.  How will the retirement of Jim Nance affect the Men’s tournament next year?  Are Dodger leaders Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts paying too much attention to analytics in adjusting to new MLB rules after the departure of some key players?  And will that put star athletes like Mookie Betts in harm’s way?

Will Controversy Play Out at the Cathedral of Golf?


Fred, Art, and Mark recount anecdotes of some of their favorite golfing legends, including Fuzzy Zoeller, as they look ahead to the 2023 Masters in Augusta, Georgia.  The upcoming tournament is allowing both PGA players and those from the LIV league, like Bubba Watson, to compete.  Will that create more hard feelings between the leagues?  Does Tiger Woods have a chance, given his injuries?  And is retiring commentator Jim Nance planning to continue covering the tournament in the years ahead?

The WBC and New Baseball Rules


Fred, Art, and Mark break down the World Baseball Classic, culminating in the USA facing Japan.  What happened when the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani faced teammate Mike Trout?  Will the MLB’s trinity of new rules enhance the quality of the game, or do they go too far?  Has Lamar Jackson made his contract negotiations an unnecessary tangle by representing himself?  And can Mark Few continue Gonzaga’s winning ways after beating second-seeded UCLA?

Shuffling the Quarterback Deck


Fred, Art, and Mark question the decision-making process of the NFL when it comes to wooing quarterbacks.  Are other positions being short-changed to attract big names, and will players end up shifting to other leagues?  Is the Aaron Rodgers move to New York a done deal?  Will Jimmy Garoppolo be a good fit for the Raiders?  Does Russell Wilson have a better shot this season with a new coach?  And can Jaime Jaquez Jr. take the Bruins to the Finals in the NCAA Tournament?

Is Tom Brady Done with Retirement 2.0?


Fred, Art, and Mark address the many rumors circulating about top NFL quarterbacks.  Has Tom Brady had enough of retirement – again?  Will the Rams keep two QBs on the payroll?  Is Aaron Rodgers looking to take over the Big Apple?  Does coach Josh McDaniels have trouble keeping QBs on the Raiders?  And with the NCAA Basketball tournament just days away, will UCLA defender Jaylen Clark be healthy enough to play for the highly-seeded Bruins?

Quarterbacks, Quarterbacks, Quarterbacks


Fred, Art, and Mark weigh in on the buzz surrounding all the contract renewals up for grabs among NFL quarterbacks.  Where will Aaron Rodgers have the best opportunity to break Tom Brady’s records?  Will the Ravens use a franchise tag to keep Lamar Jackson?  Do NFL teams have a widely varied spectrum of how players are treated by management?  And now that LeBron James is injured and Russell Westbrook has joined the Clippers, do the Lakers have a chance at the playoffs?

Better Call U-Haul – Players are on the Move


Fred, Art, and Mark speculate about all the moves happening across the sports world in anticipation of the upcoming 2023 season.  Does Aaron Rodgers have his eye on another Super Bowl?  Is Derek Carr heading south?  How are eggs factoring into Manny Machado’s plans?  Why is Bobby Wagner saying goodbye to LA?  And are there sports heroes from other generations that would be considered GOATS regardless of the era they played in?

Super Bowl Commercials and Transgender Athlete Inclusion


Fred, Art, and Mark welcome guest Laura Snoke to delve into the physical, emotional, and legal issues that arise as more transgender athletes look to compete and how the sports world is adjusting to being more inclusive.  What are the most critical topics to address?  And now that the Super Bowl is over and has been dissected play by play, the most important question still must be answered: what were their favorite commercials?

Has Tom Brady Retired for Real This Time?


Fred, Art, and Mark agree that Tom Brady has officially retired after several previous false starts, trading in his cleats for a headset and the announcers' booth.  Can he pull in viewers on name recognition alone?  Do fans watch for the commentators, especially those with strong personalities like Bill Walton?  Will Commissioner Roger Goodell rethink some of the more illogical NFL rules to help cut down on injuries and give coaches like Kyle Shanahan more options for play reviews? 

Down to the Final Four


Fred, Art, and Mark handicap the final four NFL teams vying for a spot in the Super Bowl after thrilling playoff games on Sunday.  Can the Eagles overcome the weather conditions on the Phillies' home turf?  Will Joe Burrow lead the Bengals to victory, or do Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes have the secret formula to take the Chiefs to the Big Game?  And the sporting world says goodbye to another broadcasting legend with the passing of college basketball commentator Billy Packer.

Is Tom Brady Thinking Vegas, Baby?


Fred, Art, and Mark lay odds on their favorites for the NFL divisional playoffs and the eventual landing places for quarterbacks pondering their next career moves.  Will Tom Brady finally retire, or is he Las Vegas bound?  Does Aaron Rodgers still have some of Brady’s records to break before he calls it quits?  And are Brandon Staley and Sean McVay the exceptions or the rule with the recent spate of NFL staffing turnovers?

Will There Be a Big Audience for the NFL Playoffs?


Fred, Art, and Mark have their NFL playoff predictions ready for the big games this weekend and opinions on having to watch them on Amazon instead of network TV.  Where does it leave fans?  With the passing of Heisman winner Charles White, will the NFL address traumatic brain injuries and player safety?  Will Kyler Murray be a factor in securing a new coach for the Cardinals?  And has Derek Carr said goodbye to the Raiders? 

Winning the Game of Life


Fred, Art, and guest Mark Mancini marvel at the continued positive progress of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills and the outpouring of support following his collapse on the field after a tackle.  Will he make a complete recovery?  Chuck Hughes was not so lucky in 1971.  Does the NFL need to face some hard truths about the sport?  Is Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan?  And why has Raiders’ Derek Carr been sidelined in Vegas?

Goodbye to 2022 and Adeus to a Legend


Fred and his cousin Andy Baran determine the biggest sports story of the year as 2022 comes to a close, and the world mourns the loss of yet another sports hero with the passing of soccer superstar Pelé.  What lies ahead for Lionel Messi after Argentina’s victory over France in the World Cup Finals?  Will Rafael Devers emerge as the new face of the Boston Red Sox, and is Bill Belichick taking a hands-off approach with the New England Patriots?

The NFL Cuts the Cord


Fred, Art, and guest Mark Mancini wonder how fans are going to react to the NFL’s decision to move the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV to YouTube after an almost 30-year relationship.  Will they pony up the money and subscribe to the streaming service or refuse to cut the cable cord?  Are MLB teams shuffling players around to their best advantage?  Do the Dodgers have a secret plan?  Who snatched up Carlos Correa, and will AJ Pollock remain a free agent?  

It’s Official – UCLA is Joining the Big 10


Fred, Art, and guest Mark Mancini debate the merits of the UC Board of Regents’ judgment in favor of letting the UCLA Bruins leave the Pac-12 to join the Big 10.  How will it affect the Pacific conference, and can UCLA’s troubles be traced back to decisions made by Dan Guerrero and Larry Scott?  Does Noah Syndergaard have what the Dodgers are missing in the pitching lineup?  And is Baker Mayfield bringing much-needed enthusiasm to his backup QB position on the Rams?

Big Changes for the Dodgers


Fred and Art are in a quandary about the recent shakeup of the Dodger team they know and love.  Trea Turner and Jason Heyward have switched teams, and other key players are off to try their luck elsewhere.  What is Andrew Friedman’s rationale for these and other changes, and how will the fans handle it?  Will Baker Mayfield be able to save the Rams?  And does Caleb Williams have the Heisman within reach?

What Makes a Great Coach?


Fred and Art welcome sports Historian Matthew DiBiase, author of the books Lords of the Gridiron II: Pro Football’s Greatest Coaches and Lords of the Gridiron: College Football’s Greatest Coaches, who shares his insight on football and college and pro coaches.  Have Antonio Brown’s recent troubles stemmed from too much fame too soon?  What does Matthew think of LA coaches Kelly, Riley, and McVay?  And should Jerry Jones comment on a recently unearthed high school desegregation protest photo?

A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Football


Fred, Art, and guest Mark Mancini are ready to dig into the annual feasts of Thanksgiving and football, with college and pro games in abundance.  Could Caleb Williams nab the Heismann with his next USC victory?  Ben Simmons faced an icy reception in Philly, returning to his old city for the first time as a Net.  Will it be better in Brooklyn?  Mick Cronin and Sean McVay are trying to out-think their opponents, and their teams’ performances are suffering.  Can they turn things around in time? 

The Fight for the Victory Bell


Fred and Art are looking forward to the big UCLA-USC game at the Rose Bowl this weekend, as Art was a former kicker for USC.  Will it be a QB shootout in the passing game between Dorian Thompson-Robinson and Caleb Williams?  Which team takes home the Victory Bell?  In baseball, there’s a big deal on the table for Joc Pederson, and Aaron Judge is deciding where to play next year.  How much will Judge's 62nd home run ball bring in at auction? 

Is Football Undergoing a Paradigm Shift?


Fred and Art are concerned that some of the NFL teams who have been so dominant in recent seasons appear to be making rookie moves on the field, with seasoned professionals like Sean McVay and Aaron Rodgers using unconventional play strategies.  Has football dramatically changed?  Which NBA team has named Jacque Vaughn as their new head coach?  And with the Dodgers reshuffling the team roster, will Trea Turner stay in LA next season?

Coaches and Commissioners


Fred and Art raise questions about some of Rams’ coach Sean McVay’s decisions, such as when he sent QB Cooper Kupp in with less than a minute to go to try to save the Rams from a loss to the 49ers.  Was that wise?  They also wonder about the state of some suspensions in the NBA and how Commissioner Adam Silver is dealing with discipline within the organization.  Will he make Kyrie Irving sit out for his anti-semitic tweets?

The World Series Begins in Houston


Fred and Art race against technical difficulties to discuss their predictions for the World Series, beginning with Game 1 in Houston on Friday.  Will this finally be Dusty Baker’s year to win a long-awaited championship with the Astros, or do Aaron Nola and the Phillies have plans to ensure that doesn’t happen?  Where is Dorian Thompson-Robinson in the field of top NCAA QBs?  And are Tom Brady and the Bucs ready for the Ravens in Tampa Bay?

When Bats Go Cold


Fred and Art wonder how the Dodgers went from winning 111 games in the regular season to losing three games in the playoff series with the Padres.  Was it down to decisions made by manager Dave Roberts, or was he acting on behalf of franchise president Andrew Friedman?  Why was Bob Costas pulled from calling the Yankees vs. Astros game?  And will Zach Charbonnet help the Bruins continue their winning streak up in Oregon?

Things That Make You Go Hmm…


Fred and Art are scratching their heads over some things that have them puzzled, from the noticeably low fan attendance at the Rose Bowl for UCLA football, the questionable calls made by Chargers’ coach Brandon Staley, and some controversial remarks made by Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville, a former college football coach.  Are the Dodgers being over-managed in the postseason?  And on a more positive note, what does the future hold for USC QB Caleb Williams? 

Nobody Expects the Unexpected in Sports


Fred and Art try to figure out what went wrong with the Rams in their loss to the 49ers on Monday Night Football, topped off with the added spectacle of Bobby Wagner making a rather unusual tackle.  What caused Draymond Green to punch a teammate?  Will Shohei Otani or Aaron Judge be awarded the American League MVP trophy?  And who will be heading to the playoffs after the MLB Wild Card Series this weekend?

Changes, They are A-Comin’


Fred and Art run down the transformations ahead for some long-standing sports traditions.  Is the Pro Bowl an irrelevant relic?  Has golf been torn in two between the PGA and the LIV, and is the LIV eyeing Fox?  What does Rob Manfred have in mind for baseball that Maury Wills would have appreciated?  How is Jimmy Garoppolo looking for the 49ers vs. Rams game?  And will Craig Kimbrel remain the Dodgers' go-to closer? 

A Billionaire Owner Ousted and the Passing of a Baseball Legend


Fred and Art comment on the behavior of billionaire team owners resulting in disciplinary action and expulsion from their leagues, with Robert Sarver of the Phoenix Mercury and Suns teams the latest asked to leave.  Are class-act owners like Peter O’Malley all too rare these days?  What happened with Al Michaels during his broadcast last week?  And will the passing of baseball great Maury Wills finally be the impetus to induct him into the Hall of Fame?

Questionable Decisions and High Ratings in the NFL


Fred and Art shake their heads over the chancy move made by Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett on Monday against Seattle.  Why did he opt to go with a field goal attempt instead of relying on his QB Russell Wilson to try and win the game?  Is Aaron Rodgers off to a rocky start this season?  Why is the NBA suspending Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver?  And will Yankee Aaron Judge be this year’s American League MVP? 

Sports From a Woman’s Point of View


Fred is joined this week by his cousin, Aliza Sodos, to discuss the women’s sports movement and shares a unique perspective as a parent of four daughters, some of whom are athletes.  Will retiring basketball star Sue Bird remain in the world of sports and be an advocate?  Who is the GOAT in women’s tennis, Serena Williams or Margaret Court?  And how will the Seattle Seahawks fare now that Russell Wilson has moved to Denver?

It’s Time for Some Football!


Fred and Art are ready for an exciting weekend of football, just in time for Art’s birthday.  From HBO’s Hard Knocks, featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the Detroit Lions training camp, to the possibilities ahead for the UCLA Bruins, to all the college football, it's a good time to grab your favorite tailgate grub and settle in for some thrilling gridiron action.  And how about Notre Dame starting their season as the 17 ½-point favorites?

When is a Record Really a Record?


Fred and Art debate on what constitutes a record in baseball.  The game has changed so much from the early days, with powerhouses like Honus Wagner whose stats may not have been fully recorded.  Would today’s milestones measure up to those of yesteryear?  College football is starting, Alabama coach Nick Saban has a big payday, and Arte Moreno is selling the LA Angels.  Will Steve Ballmer snap them up and help them reach their full potential? 

The NFL’s Decision for Deshaun


Fred and Art weigh in on Deshaun Watson’s suspension and subsequent fines.  Does the NFL have separate rules for superstar players when disciplinary action is needed?  With the Dodgers doing well at the moment, why is Cody Bellinger on the bench?  Will Mike Trout of the Angels be off the IL and back on the field this week?  Did Larry Scott change the Pac-12 forever?  And how much are the Lakers paying LeBron James to stay in LA?

Can On-Air Personalities Opt Out?


Fred and Art discuss the request by Keith Hernandez to be excused from providing commentary for any Phillies games, citing his disapproval of their defense.  Can commentators do that?  Should Deshaun Watson be able to play in the Cleveland Browns’ next game in Florida while his suspension is still pending?  Will Colin Kaepernick be the Browns’ secret weapon if Watson is out for the season?  And what inspired Whit Merrifield to get vaccinated?

A Final Goodbye to Beloved Broadcasting Giants


Fred and Art mourn the loss of Vin Scully and Bill Russell and share personal stories of their interactions with these two heroes of the sports world.  The NFL is enjoying a time of great prosperity but is also dealing with lawsuits and multiple cases of misconduct within the ranks, such as those involving Deshaun Watson and Steven Ross, to name a few.  Is money the root cause of all of their troubles?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Fred and Art wonder about the thinking processes behind some of the choices under consideration in the sports world.  Should the US exchange a Russian gun runner for Brittney Griner?  Will Andrew Benintendi get vaccinated so he can join the Yankees on the road?  Is Kevin Durant packing his bags?  And what new venture is in store for Brent Musburger?

From the ESPYs to the All-Stars


Fred and Art think Steph Curry scored a slam dunk at the ESPYS as host of the annual sports award show.  Will this role springboard him into other parts of the entertainment arena?  Money matters are on the minds of Charles Barkley and James Harden, but how has the lure of a better deal put UCLA at odds with Governor Gavin Newsom?  And what can MLB do to bring viewers back to the All-Star Game?

Stuck in a Moment (and Place) You Can't Get Out of


Fred and Art ponder WNBA star Brittany Griner’s predicament in Russia.  How is it possible that she was not informed of their laws regarding drug possession before traveling?  Damien Lillard has signed a huge contract extension, the Lakers are still in Kyrie Irving limbo, and Dave Roberts is playing musical chairs with the Dodger lineup.   And what will All-Star game attendees' reactions be to the high prices at Dodger Stadium?

Losses, Changes, and Trades


Fred and Art mourn the passing of legendary actor James Caan and remember his heartbreaking portrayal of Brian Piccolo in Brian’s Song, the true story of the Chicago Bear and cancer victim’s friendship with fellow teammate Gayle Sayers. How will the NFL view the recent moves made by Mark Davis and Dan Snyder after they and their teams face allegations?  And what does the future hold for Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers?

The Big Shakeup in the Pac-12


Fred and Art are concerned about the future of the Pac-12 now that UCLA and USC are heading to the Big 10. What will happen to the traditional matchups and rivalry games that fans have looked forward to for decades?  What did Larry Scott have to do with it? Will free agency bring Kevin Durant westward, what new rules does Rob Manfred have in store, and how does Trevor Bauer affect the overall image of the Dodgers?

The 50th Anniversary of Title IX


Fred and Art laud the athletes that have benefitted from 50 years of the landmark civil rights given by Title IX.  How have sports changed in the last half-century? The world mourns the loss of football great Hugh McElhenny, Kyrie Irving is eying a move, Jeanie Buss is considering the best interests of the Lakers, and are fans growing increasingly unimpressed by the NBA draft?

The Big Kerfuffle in the World of Golf


Fred and Art weigh in on the continuing backlash over golf's new LIV League, with Phil Mickelson seeming to be the target for most of the barbs.  Where does PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan stand?  Can the Golden State Warriors clinch the NBA finals in Game 6, or will it go to Game 7?  How many pitches did Tyler Anderson throw, and does Austin Ekeler really want fewer snaps?

Controversy on the Course


Fred and Art handicap this week’s big-ticket sporting events, with the inaugural LIV League tournament kicking off the Saudi-funded pro golfing tour in London.  What impact will this have on Phil Mickelson’s career?  Will Tiger Woods be the next pro to join up?  Were the Phillies right to let Joe Girardi go?  And which horse will claim the third jewel in the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes? 

The NBA Finals are Here at Last


Fred and Art debate the pros and cons of professional golfers opting to play outside the country and independently of the PGA tour.  Should players like Dustin Johnson be able to compete anywhere in the world?  The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics are poised to battle it out for the NBA title as the Finals begin – will Steph Curry or Jaylen Brown score the most points?  And what NBA team is Phil Knight eyeing?

A Devastating School Shooting and Goodnight to a Goodfella


Fred and Art reflect on the tragedy of a horrific school shooting in Texas where 21 children and teachers lost their lives, with several others injured.  They also mourn the sudden passing of Ray Liotta, remembered for his roles in Goodfellas and Field of Dreams.  What advertising deal did Bronny James just land?  Will Chip Kelly make good on his contract extension?  And should the NFL keep the Pro Bowl?

Golf, Football Feuds, and The Preakness


Fred and Art delve into who is playing in - and who is notably absent from - the PGA Tournament in Tulsa.  Is the media being unfair to Phil Mickelson?  What is causing the major rift between college football coaching giants Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher?  And which horses have a better chance in The Preakness with Rich Strike passing on the middle jewel of the Triple Crown?

Last-Minute Longshot Stuns at Churchill Downs


Fred and Art were shocked at Rich Strike’s incredible win at the 2022 Kentucky Derby.   The long-shot eleventh-hour entry in the Run for the Roses blew by the favorites to an unexpected victory.  Does he have a shot at the Triple Crown?  Will Phil Mickelson defend his PGA Championship title amid his recent controversy?  And is anyone surprised at Tom Brady’s announcement?

The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports


Fred and Art place their bets as the Kentucky Derby commences on Saturday.  Banned trainer Bob Baffert won’t be in attendance but still has ties to the legendary race.  Could there be an upset?  What are the ramifications of the NCAA’s NIL policy, how has MLB changed under Rob Manfred, which team snapped up QB Kenny Pickett in the NFL Draft, and why was Wayne Player dismissed from Augusta?  

Looking Ahead to the NFL Draft


Fred prognosticates about the upcoming NFL draft with a look at the talented Drake London.  Does he have a good chance of being an early pick?  What’s up with Chip Kelly and the transfer portal?  Who will be running the NCAA when Mark Emmert steps down, and where could Kyrie Irving be going?

Sports Announcers Ain’t What They Used to Be


Fred and Art lament the current dramatic shift of on-air sports announcing from the solo style of legends Vin Scully and Chick Hearn to an “everyone’s an expert” free-for-all.  Is HBO's Winning Times doing the ‘80s Lakers justice?  What do Cooper Kupp and Drake London have in Common?  And how is 2022 shaping up for Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers? 

Roberts Pulls Kershaw After Seven Perfect Innings


Fred delves into the questions surrounding the latest happenings in baseball, basketball, and college sports.  Why did Dave Roberts pull Clayton Kershaw so early in his first game of the season?  Are critics underestimating the Dodgers, with four MVP hitters in their primary lineup?  And which of Mick Cronin’s Bruins is making an early exit for the NBA?

Tiger's Back in Augusta


Fred and Art are thrilled that golfing legend Tiger Woods is playing in the Masters once more, reminding fans of his incredible talent and ability to overcome obstacles.  Does he have a shot at winning the tournament?  Why is Laker Anthony Davis injured, how did Mick Cronin’s decisions affect UCLA’s chances in the NCAA tourney, and what is the transfer portal doing to college sports?

Announcers Collect Big Money, But Do the Fans Follow?


Fred and Art compare the commentating styles of on-air personalities, pondering whether or not their contributions to sporting events merit the recent gigantic paydays.  Do they bring in more viewers or detract from the quality of the broadcast?  Is Mick Cronin of UCLA using his players to the team’s best advantage, when can we see LeBron James back on the court, and how will the newest Ram, Bobby Wagner, fare in LA after the astroturf of Seattle?

Amazon Welcomes Thursday Night Football Home


Fred and Art marvel over the new deal for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football franchise.  How many billions (with a capital B) did Amazon Prime Video spend?  UCLA is still in the NCAA tournament, the Lakers are squeaking by while the Clippers have a star-studded injured list, and the Rams may have put together one of the most formidable foursomes in football.

Big Moves in the Sports World


Fred and Art discuss the shifting players in the NFL, MLB, and broadcasting arenas.  Is former Ram Von Miller heading to colder climes?  The Dodgers have a new first baseman in Freddie Freeman, but will some veteran players continue wearing Dodger Blue?  More sports commentators are switching seats, and the college basketball tournament is heating up under coaches Mick Cronin and Tommy Lloyd.  What’s ahead for their respective teams?

America’s Pastime is Back


Fred and Art are excited that baseball negotiations are over and the season will start on schedule.   They aren’t too sure about some of the new rules and think that a lot still needs to be done to make things more fan-friendly.  Did Rob Manfred base the decisions on money and not for the good of the game?  The NFL is shuffling quarterbacks, so where are Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz heading next?  

Baseball Negotiations and Basketball Rivalries


Fred and Art wonder if the MLB is considering the legions of fans during the seemingly endless rounds of disagreements between the owners and players.  Will fans even be able to afford games and then have to deal with a shorter season as well?  There’s a new Laker in town, UCLA and USC face off as the NCAA basketball tournament draws near, and why aren’t the Rams checking out new talent at the Combine?

Familiar Faces in Different Places


Fred’s on his own this week as he looks into the latest happenings with LeBron James and the Lakers, Andy Enfield's possible departure from USC, and the network shuffle of football commentators Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, and Al Michaels.  Who’s going where, and for how much?  And can everyone in the MLB just get along so that the season can get rolling?

Rams Bring Home Super Bowl LVI Trophy


Fred and Art break down the different ways the very close Super Bowl could have ended during the nail-biting finish.  Could Cincinnati’s kicker Evan McPherson have turned the game around?  Does Rams’ coach Sean McVay plan to stay with the team after their win?  And will Anthony Davis be well enough to get back on the court for the Lakers before the end of the season?  

A Big Day in the NBA


Fred flies solo as he ponders the looming NBA trade deadline.  Will Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and coach Frank Vogel of the Lakers still be wearing purple and gold tomorrow?  Mick Cronin's UCLA Bruins are playing cross-town rivals USC on Saturday, and there just might be something big happening on Sunday (hint: it’s the second biggest food holiday in America) – are you ready?

Super Bowl Tickets Cost HOW MUCH?


Fred and Art are shocked at the astronomical rates the NFL is charging for even the cheapest Super Bowl seats at SoFi Stadium.  Are fans priced out of the game?  And Brian Flores isn’t happy with the NFL either.  Tom Brady has officially retired, the multitalented Terry Bradshaw is the focus of a new documentary, and UCLA’s Mick Cronin is giving his players time to shine.

The NFC and AFC Championships are Here


Fred and Art have a lot to say about Aaron Rodgers, Anthony Davis, Antonio Brown, and Bruce Arians, but the question uppermost in their minds is – who’s going to Super Bowl LVI?  The NFC and AFC Championships are this weekend, with San Francisco, LA, Cincinnati, and Kansas City all just a step away from the biggest game of the year.  There’s some exciting gridiron action ahead on Sunday! 

The Pros and Cons of the Transfer Portal


Fred and Art weigh in on watching the UCLA vs. Utah basketball game without Bill Walton’s commentary, Chip Kelly’s job status, and the latest ruling on the NCAA transfer portal.  Have more problems been created rather than solved?  What exactly is LeBron James’ role with the Lakers, and why did Russell Westbrook make an early exit from a recent game?

Omicron and Indoor Arenas


With Omicron dominating the scene, Fred and Art are trying to figure out why pandemic protocols differ for college and pro indoor sports, as UCLA’s Pauley Pavillion and USC’s Galen Center are now restricting live attendance to family only for their basketball games.  Will Russell Westbrook say goodbye to the Lakers, and what was the reason behind Brandon Staley’s call in the Chargers/Raiders game?

Dealing with Pandemic Hurdles


Fred and Art examine the difficulties faced in sports as we continue to battle through this pandemic, questioning whether indoor sports should even be played at this time.  Where does that leave the Super Bowl in LA and March Madness?  Why is Novak Djokovic at odds with Australia, what happened between Antonio Brown and Tampa Bay, and should Aaron Rodgers be considered for MVP?

Seeking an Attitude Adjustment in Sports


Fred and Art discuss what they feel is becoming more prevalent in the world of sports - the attitude of entitlement.  What happened to the love of the game and duty to the fans?  The guys have a lot to say about Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, the almost Holiday Bowl, and bid a sad farewell to a true NFL legend.

The Ever-Changing Rules for Sports and Covid


Fred and Art comment on how decisions made one week are called into question the next when it comes to players and Covid.  Will Kyrie Irving be allowed to play amid restrictions?  Did Adam Silver and Bruce Arians make the safest decisions for their teams?  And how about more field time for JT Daniels?

Covid, Covid and More Covid


With Covid running rampant through sports right now, Fred and Art speculate whether or not there will be a Super Bowl.  How about the fast-approaching college football Bowl Season?  Can NCAA Basketball look forward to March Madness?  What does the future hold for Russell Westbrook?  And what happened between Urban Meyer and Josh Lambo?

A Difficult Season for the Lakers


Fred and Art have a lot of ideas as to why the Lakers have had such a tough season.  From Frank Vogel and LeBron James to egos and age-related injuries, there’s much work ahead to ensure a better 2022.  In college football news: will Chip Kelly rejoin the Oregon Ducks, is the transfer portal a good thing, and who’s taking home the Heisman?


NFL Suspension for Antonio Brown


Fred and Art wonder why Antonio Brown has been suspended by the NFL, but Aaron Rodgers hasn’t in the continuing Covid saga.  A lot is happening on the college coaching carousel with Brian Kelly heading to LSU and Lincoln Riley joining the Trojans, and the MLB lockout is sure to bring changes for the 2022 season.

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend - Are You Ready for Some Football?


Fred and Art are ready to settle in for a long holiday weekend of sports.  This football season has been a roller coaster for both the NFL and NCAA, and more surprises are likely in store before it’s over. The Chargers have a great QB in Justin Herbert, there’s a heartbreaking revelation out of the University of Michigan, and Mark Few’s Gonzaga team is showing great promise.

Football, Football, Football!


Fred and Art have a lot of gridiron turf to cover this week - from players gaming Covid protocols, to owning a chunk of your favorite NFL team, to NCAA award nominees, to cross-town rivalries, to the great college coaching shuffle – and you have front row seats on the 50-yard line.

Hey NFL Refs – What’s with the Crazy Calls?


Fred and Art are concerned about what they believe has been poor officiating in the NFL recently, and the impact this could have on the players.  Aaron Rodgers and State Farm aren’t as cozy as before, and Mark Davis has brought DeSean Jackson, who can be controversial, onboard in Las Vegas.  Will it help the Raiders?

A Tough Week for the NFL


Fred and Art discuss the turmoil happening in the NFL - Aaron Rodgers has Covid, after being less than truthful about his vaccination status (spoiler alert: he said he was vaccinated when he wasn’t), Henry Ruggs was let go from the Raiders and is facing prison after a devastating crash, and there are hard Covid safety decisions to be made for the Super Bowl.  Will Chip Kelly stay at UCLA?

Did the Braves Win or Did the Dodgers Lose?


Fred Wallin flies solo this week, offering some theories as to why the Dodgers lost in the NLCS. Shouldn't Gavin Lux have been allowed to play where he could best help the team?  Did Atlanta just play better baseball?  UCLA Basketball is looking good, LeBron James and the Lakers are in a slump, and hockey has a lot to answer for when it comes to Kyle Beach.

Down to the Wire for the Dodgers


Fred and Art believe it’s all hands on deck for the Dodgers if they want to stay in the race for the pennant.  They’ve been running through pitchers, trying to work around all of the injuries, and Julio Urias has let Gavin Lux know he was less than pleased with him.  Coaches Ed Orgeron and Nick Rolovich have been shown the door In college football - what’s next for LSU and Washington State?

It’s Anybody’s Game in the NLDS Final


Fred and Art prognosticate about the final game of the NLDS showdown between the Dodgers and Giants, with Gabe Kapler juggling the Giants' lineup as the Dodgers remove Julio Urias as the starter in an 11th-hour pitching change.  Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Football team is under investigation, USC is struggling, and the Lakers are down another man.

The Dodgers Clinch a Playoff Berth


Fred and Art recount the intrigue and excitement of the winner-take-all NL Wildcard game, where Chris Taylor’s walk-off home run led the Dodgers to victory over the Cardinals.  Kyrie Irving continues to spurn the vaccine, putting his playing time into question, ESPN has suspended commentator Sage Steele, and where were the masks at Dodger Stadium?

The Race to the National League Playoffs Heats Up


With the NL Playoffs coming down to the wire for the Dodgers and Giants, Fred and Art have a lot of predictions about how it will turn out.  Cody Bellinger is back and Gavin Lux hit the wall (literally) in the Dodgers' amazing game against the Padres, the Rams’ Matt Stafford is a strong candidate for the NFL MVP, and it's going to be a big weekend in football.

The Life of a Legend Through the Lens of a Master Storyteller


Fred and Art marvel over the phenomenal eight-hour Muhammad Ali documentary by Ken Burns.  The Dodgers race with the Giants for the division title couldn’t be closer, there’s a positive Covid diagnosis for announcer Joe Davis, and could Max Muncy be the NL MVP?  A high-scoring game between UCLA and Stanford is anticipated, USC is shuffling quarterbacks due to injury, and then there’s the ongoing saga of the Pac-12 Network…

The Big Shakeup at USC


Fred and Art share the big college football news coming out of Art’s alma mater, USC - the firing of Clay Helton.  Who is next in line to helm the Trojans?  Julio Urias has an 18-3 record this year and is vying for the Cy Young award, the Dodgers and Giants are edging ever closer to a playoff berth, and Nick Rolovich says no to the Covid vaccine.

More Covid Craziness in the Sports World


Fred and Art ponder the constantly unfolding series of strange events in sports as a result of Covid.  Hunter Renfroe claims that MLB has told the Red Sox to stop Covid testing, and Levi Stadium has backpedaled on their spectator vaccination policy.  Elsewhere, do the Dodgers have a chance against the Giants, and can Le’Veon Bell help the Ravens?

It’s Labor Day Weekend – Time for College Football


Summer is almost over and that means college football season is here.  Fred and Art have predictions for a few high-profile games, as well as opinions on a conference that's better than most people think.  What does the future hold for UCLA’s Chip Kelly?  Who has Bill Belichick signed as QB for the Patriots?  And in baseball, can Dave Roberts lead the Dodgers to win the division over the Giants? 

A Whole Lotta Innings and Not a Lotta Scorin’ Goin’ On


The Dodgers/Padres game went 16 innings, leaving Fred and Art wondering if anyone in the MLB knows how to bunt anymore.   What are AJ Pollock's chances of staying in the Dodger's starting lineup when Mookie Betts returns?   Sony Michel has joined the Rams, and now that ESPN has parted ways with Rachel Nichols, what does her future hold?  

Sports During Covid - Should the Season Even Continue?


Fred and Art examine the new LA County mandate on mask-wearing at outdoor events, including sports, for more than 10,000 people, and the Las Vegas Raiders are requiring proof of vaccination.  How will fans react?  Baseball card collecting as we know it is changing, Lebron James is not happy, and there’s a Bruin reunion at the Staples Center.

If You Build it, They Will Come – The Real Field of Dreams Game


That immortal cinematic tagline has been proved true - and not just as the cornfield made famous in the movie.  Fred and Art talk about the Dyersville, Iowa game that Shoeless Joe would have loved to be part of, the surge of Covid cases resulting in rule changes all across sports, and the wild deals happening in basketball.

No Gold Medals for Olympics Ratings


Fred and Art compare experiences on how tough it’s been for viewers to enjoy the Olympics and examine why the ratings have been so low.  The NFL Hall of Fame game is turning out to be mission impossible for wagerers, Cody Bellinger is having a tough time, and there’s a mess to be cleaned up in Vegas.  Covid continues to affect all aspects of life - are we losing ground from opening up too soon?

Time for Tough Decisions


In this episode, Fred and Art explore the continuing effect of Covid on the Olympics specifically and the sports world in general.  It’s also time for the trades in baseball and basketball, so who will the Dodgers bring on board along with Danny Duffy?  And is the Staples Center big enough for the Lakers to have two team leaders?


Sports Media and the Olympic Games


Fred and Art discuss the reassignment of a sports announcer who lost high profile jobs over anti-gay comments while others who have also made objectionable remarks remain on the air, why the Summer Olympics have commenced (when they really shouldn’t), and a hard broadcasting lesson they’ve both learned.

Controversy at ESPN


In sports business and media this week, Fred and Art discuss what the heck is going on at ESPN as two broadcasters have come off as being racists in nature.  It will be interesting to see what ESPN does - if anything.


Covid Protocols and a Big Win for the Clippers


Fred and Art question whether Covid protocols are stringent enough in sports, as Chris Paul and Jon Rahm were asymptomatic then tested positive. The Clippers pulled off an amazing win with several players on the bench due to injuries, LeBron James has some ideas as to why so many players are out in the NBA, Jimmy Kimmel gets his own college Bowl Game, and there’s a new head of the Pac-12.

Draft Week and the Aaron Rodgers Outlook


Fred Wallin is joined by guest Art Sorce of Galaxy Sports and a former kicker for the Rams and USC Trojans.  In this episode, they talk hot dogs, Aaron Rodgers, the NFL Draft, and Idiocy in baseball.