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Ever since he can remember, host Mike Anderson has loved all things financial. As a nationally known investment advisor and licensed fiduciary, he has a passion to share his expertise to help people navigate the ever-changing financial path to and through retirement. On The Anderson Files, joined by experts in the fields of economics, commerce, investment and retirement, Mike sources the most relevant information available to enable listeners to make well-informed financial decisions.

Features Overview

What is a Probate Proceeding, Why it is Bad, and How to Avoid it


Mike chats with estate planning and trust attorney David Schneider on the downside of a probate proceeding and how to successfully avoid a probate proceeding altogether.  Glean the awareness you need to manage an estate and trust to be of the greatest security and benefit for you and your family.

Real Estate Today: The Southern California Market


Your host, Mike Anderson, chats with Chloe de Verrier, a leading Los Angeles realtor, on the dynamics and state of the Southern California real estate market.  Working with seasoned clients and first-time home buyers, Chloe successfully navigates real estate deals enhanced by her social media acumen.  Listen in and discover the keys to this vibrant residential property market.

SECURE ACT 2.0 New Laws and Many Changes to Retirement Plan and IRA Rules


Mike speaks with Los Angeles ERISA/pension attorney Meredith Sesser on SECURE ACT 2.0, which became law at the end of 2022.  This large, complex piece of federal retirement legislation, designed to make it easier for employers to offer and manage plans and encourage Americans to save more, will have a broad and deep impact on millions of employees saving for retirement.   With Americans living longer, saving to finance those golden years is more important than ever.  Learn what it is all about as Meredith walks us through SECURE ACT 2.0!

Retirement Plans: A Rainbow of Options


In this episode, Mike chats with Kevin Palm, a leading retirement plan actuary with over 35 years of experience in cash balance and defined benefit plan design and consulting.  Kevin walks us through the rainbow of retirement plan options, from entry-level basics to the pinnacle in highly-advanced designs.  Business owners, executives, finance and human resources specialists, listen in as Kevin guides you down the retirement plan path.

Special Report - 1Q 2023 Market Update


Guest Host Mark Alyn queries Mike Anderson on the economy, the markets, inflation, interest rates, the Federal Reserve, and company earnings.  Tune in and listen to what’s happening currently in US finance.

Coming Up Roses in 2023


Mike wishes everyone a wonderful 2023!  And to celebrate this year, Mike’s guest is friend and colleague Steve Altmayer.  He is currently the longest-serving active driver with the Tournament of Roses Parade, starting at age 13.  Listen now as Steve shares the joys and challenges he has encountered during his incredible 50-year journey of driving floral masterpieces that have been seen by millions of people all over the world.

What Start-Up Companies Need to Know


Arnold Anisgarten, CPA, joins Mike to discuss making a success of the backside of a start-up business.  Beyond financing a start-up business, there are many areas that need to be carefully considered and addressed for a new business to be successful and not fall victim to a flameout.  In this episode, Arnold navigates us through that success path.

The Great Resignation: Hiring in the Post Covid Era


The Great Resignation, which came out of the Covid pandemic, has impacted companies and employees across all industries in the United States.  How has this changed hiring?  What do companies and potential new hires need to know and consider?  Mike chats with Marcia Wasserman on this compelling topic that is rippling through the American economy.

ESG, What is It and How is It Entering the U.S. Investment Market?


Bill Slimbaugh chats with Mike on Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing (ESG), what it is, and how it is gaining momentum coming into the mainstream of the US investment market.

COVID-19 and Risks to Businesses


Mike talks with Bill Holden, Senior Vice President, Executive Perils for The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers team, on business risks presented by COVID-19 today and in the future during the aftermath of the pandemic.  Bill shares his insight on employment-related risks, supply chain disruptions, company transparency, and directors' and officers' liability.  Listen in and learn from Bill.

UCLA Anderson Business Panel Discusses Private Company Board Excellence


On December 2, 2021, The Anderson Files’ Mike Anderson hosted a business panel at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  This episode is a recording of the December 2nd event.   The session was co-sponsored by the Private Directors Association of Southern California and the UCLA Anderson School of Management.  The panel discussed private company board excellence, what it is, and how to achieve it.

Leaving California With Your Fortune Intact


Claims of a so-called “California Exodus” have begun again, spurred by tax hikes, ever-increasing regulations, and the recent departures of high-profile tech companies and other emerging industries.  Mark Pariser, Certified Public Accountant and Partner at Dunn, Pariser & Peyrot, talks with Mike about the reality of leaving California, the Golden State, with your fortune intact.  Listen to Mark on how to do it right!

Supply Chain and the Marketplace - How Small Business Is Being Impacted


Jim Blasingame, award-winning author, syndicated radio host, and syndicated columnist, joins Mike to discuss the huge impact of the current supply chain issue on small business and the challenges facing small business in the marketplace.  Listen in and learn from one of the world’s foremost thought-leaders on small business and entrepreneurship.

Everything Employers Need to Know About Covid Vaccination Policies


Covid vaccination policies, the Biden Mandate, large public venues, what small employers and large employers should be doing, court actions in progress - employment and labor attorney Debbie Birndorf discusses all of this and more with Mike.  Tune in to learn the latest about everything employers need to know regarding Covid vaccination policies.

SPECIAL EDITION: Market and Economics Update: What's Next?


Guest host Mark Alyn chats with Mike Anderson on the economy, markets, interest rates, employment, federal reserve, and legislation.  Which way are interest rates going?  Will the economy continue to grow?  Tune in for current comments!

The Southern California Business Environment - What’s Happening Now?


Debra Gentz, SVP of Signature Bank and a leading banker in Southern California, joins Mike to discuss the current SoCal business environment: staffing, wages, the end of the PPP, productivity, competition, consolidation, and supply chain issues.  Listen in to get up-to-date information on all of these issues and more.

The Financial Side of Mediation


Len Levy, Esq., Mediator and Arbitrator, ADR Services, Inc., joins Mike to discuss the financial side of mediation, the risks, rewards, and when to pursue mediation as opposed to litigation.  Get the insight and what you need to know from this master mediator, Len Levy.

Tax Controversy Issues: What’s Happening Currently?


Ernest Howard, CPA, and Cory Stigile, Tax Attorney, talk with Mike on current Federal and State tax controversy issues which include IRS audits, crypto/virtual currency issues, and PPP loan audits.  Listen in and learn from Ernest and Cory about what’s currently on deck affecting you and your companies. 

SPECIAL EDITION: Market and Economics Update: Where Are We Now?


Mark Alyn is the guest host of this Special Edition of The Anderson Files.  Mark queries Mike Anderson on the current state of and forecast for the markets, interest rates, inflation, employment, and other aspects of the economy as we emerge from the pandemic.  Listen in and get current!

Why Entrepreneurs Fail to Win


In conversation with Mike is Gary Polk, sharing why entrepreneurs fail to win and his formula for business success.   As a Black businessman, CEO, business consultant, university professor, and author, Gary is passionate about entrepreneurs…and why they succeed or fail.  In this episode of The Anderson Files, hear the highlights of his latest book, Why Black and Brown Entrepreneurs Fail (to Win).

Redefining Financial Literacy


Cindy Couyoumjian, CFP, talks with Mike about redefining financial literacy and her new book, ‘Redefining Financial Literacy, Unlocking the Hidden Forces of your Financial Future.’  Listen in and learn about Cindy’s approach to making better financial decisions.

Coming Out of the Pandemic - What’s on the Horizon for Beverly Hills Business


Todd Johnson, CEO of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, joins Mike to discuss business challenges over the last 16 months during the pandemic and the bright future unfolding just on the horizon for the City.  Get the inside track with Todd from his perch as Chamber CEO of one of America’s most high-profile cities.   

Small Business Digging Out of The Pandemic


Jim Blasingame, award-winning author, syndicated radio host, and syndicated columnist, joins Mike to discuss small business’ effort, struggle, and resiliency as it digs out of the worst pandemic in 100 years. Business owners and business managers - listen in and learn from one of the world’s foremost thought-leaders on small business and entrepreneurship.

Financial Planning, Taxes and the Pandemic


Michael Bernstein, finance author and enrolled agent, chats with Mike on financial planning and taxes coming out of the pandemic.  They discuss key and vital aspects of financial planning and taxes coming out of the worst pandemic in 100 years.  Listen to what you need to know.  

CAL SAVERS: What California is Telling Employers They Must Do to Help Employees Retire


Attorney Meredith Sesser chats with Mike about the CAL SAVERS program, as well as what retirement benefit employers must implement and offer employees in order to comply with what is now a CA state law to help employees plan for retirement. Meredith talks about what you need to know as both an employer and an employee.

The Private Directors Association of Southern California: What’s It All About and How Can Businesses Benefit?


In this episode, Mike chats with Larry Cabaldon, President of The Private Directors Association of Southern California.  They discuss the dynamic and valuable role the PDA plays for private businesses to foster exemplary board practices and to source top candidates for companies.

Taxes, Benefits, Government Relief - How are Small Businesses Being Affected?


Charles Jeane, Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy Assistant Chief Counsel in Washington DC, chats with Mike on taxes, benefits, and government relief for small businesses during and coming out of the pandemic.  Listen to what’s on the plate in Washington DC and how small businesses are being impacted.   

SPECIAL EDITION: Mike Anderson Gives an Economic and Market Update for April 2021


Guest host Mark Alyn discusses current economic and market issues with The Anderson Files host Mike Anderson.

Ransomware - How it Can Impact You and Your Business


Ransomware - how can it impact you and your business?  Every day, the costs of cyberattacks are huge on people and companies all over the world.  Mike talks with crime and security expert Matthew Kelly on the high risks of a cyberattack and how to prevent, protect and immunize yourself and your firm from this ever-present problem.   

What is the Association for Corporate Growth?


Guest Michael Rivera chats with Mike on the key role that the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) plays in the creation of commerce in Los Angeles.   Learn how this dynamic organization connects the people and the companies that drive growth in our Southern California economy.  

American Consumers Managing their Finances through the Pandemic: How are They Doing It?


Mike talks with nationally syndicated finance columnist and author Peter Dunn on how we’re managing our finances through COVID.  Peter shares how we can do it better and more effectively for ourselves and our family.  This is a must-hear episode of The Anderson Files during these historically challenging times.

2021 Los Angeles Business Activity


Mike talks with members of the UCLA Bruin Professionals Beverly Hills Chapter on their thoughts regarding the prospects for improved Los Angeles business activity in 2021. 

California Contract Workers - What's Next


Mike chats with employment attorney Tom Mabie on the lingering issues of CA Proposition 22.  The impact of contract workers in California is huge, affecting tens of thousands of people and thousands of companies.  Tune in, listen and learn as Tom sorts through what’s occurred, what's happening now and what is still unsettled.  

The Pandemic and Federal Stimulus, Tax Relief, Impact on Southern California Business


In the wake of the pandemic and a newly mandated lockdown, Congressman Ted W. Lieu joins Mike to discuss a possible 4th federal stimulus package, tax relief for small businesses and the resulting impact on Southern California business.  Listen now to hear how this timely subject will be affecting all of us.  

The Business of Animation


Lane Lueras, producer of such animation favorites as the Kung Fu Panda series, talks with Mike about the business of animation - how an artistic idea grabs the attention of studios, getting a project financed and what vaults an animated movie into a franchise.

SPECIAL EDITION; Economic and Markets Update


The Anderson Files host, Mike Anderson, is the show’s guest.  Mike shares and discusses current economic and market updates with guest host, Mark Alyn.  Find out what’s happening around the election, the pandemic, a recovering economy, and a possible stimulus package.

California Proposition 15: Commercial Real Estate Tax Increase - What You Need to Know


Attorney Norma J. Williams, the principal in Williams & Associates, talks with Mike on what exactly Prop. 15 entails, the pros and cons for commercial real estate and the impact on the State.   Tune in and learn what you need to know. 

How Do You Generate Income When Yields Are Almost Nothing?


How do you generate income when yields are almost nothing?  Mike speaks with Kevin Simpson, Portfolio Manager of Capital Wealth Planning, LLC, who shares his strategy to generate income with investing in best-of-breed equities.

White-Collar Crime - What is it?


Manny Medrano, criminal trial attorney, shares with us a look at what exactly is white-collar crime, its presence in American society, how COVID-19 has affected the criminal courts and his best advice to someone being investigated for committing a crime.

Servicing Clients, Finding Prospects During the Pandemic


Mike chats with Mitch Haber, of OneAmerica Retirement, on servicing clients and finding prospects during COVID-19.  Mitch gives an effective game plan to continue to move your business forward in these challenging times.

Estate Planning: What Really Matters?


Estate planning, your assets, your liabilities, your family - are you doing the right thing?  How is the pandemic affecting estate planning?  Mike talks with trust attorney Larry Davis, who brings clarity to this complex subject to help you plan better.

Virtual Networking in the Age of Social Distancing


Virtual networking in the age of social distancing - how can it benefit you?  Mike talks with author Bill Saleebey, Ph.D., known as Dr. Bill, as he shares insights on how critically important virtual networking is to you, your practice, profession and work.

Retirement Savings Behavior


Katherine Roy of J.P. Morgan Funds talks about how retirement savings have been affected by Covid-19.

What is the Private Directors Association?


Dennis Kessler and Martha Spano visit with Mike and share how the Private Directors Association (PDA) works with small business.

COVID-19 and the Stock Market


Jeff Saut, well known for his insightful and colorful commentary, is featured in this episode.

What is the CARES Act?


Mike and co-host Mark Alyn look at how the CARES Act will affect business and Americans during the pandemic.

Returning to Work in a COVID-19 World


What are the legal obligations employers need to know as more businesses are being given the greenlight to reopen?  Mike's guest, employment attorney Debbie Birndorf, explains how employers can ready their workplaces for employees to return to work.

Federal Stimulus Package


Rep. Judy Chu discusses the Federal Stimulus Package in response to the Pandemic.

COVID-19 and Bankruptcy


Will COVID-19 bankrupt more people than it kills? James Di Virgilio shares his thoughts.

America and Retirement


Kevin Palm, one of America's retirement plan design experts, talks with Mike Anderson.

Creating Liquidity in Real Estate


Mike talks with Tom Donahue about the benefits and liabilities of investing in real estate.

COVID-19 and Real Estate


How is the pandemic affecting the buying and selling of real estate for consumers? Jeff Barton gives Mike an update on what you can expect from both sides of the housing market in these unprecedented times.

Taxes and the Pandemic


Taxes, the IRS and the Pandemic - CPA Ernest Howard shares with Mike what you should be concerned about now and what lies ahead.



Mike discusses California AB-5 and how it will be catastrophic to many California businesses with Ernest Howard, CPA, part of the key leadership of CalCPA.

About the SBCA


Discover how the SBCA (Small Business Council of America) helps small business throughout the United States as Mike chats with Paula Calimafde, chair of this national organization.

Teamwork and COVID-19


Carrie Lauby is an LA-based sales consultant. She talks with Mike about teamwork and business.