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On our Legal Channel - Len Levy launches his second season of Masters of Dispute Resolution with Mayra Fornos, an experienced neutral and accomplished litigator with three decades of expertise in handling a wide range of civil matters, including catastrophic personal injury, which includes spinal cord injury, loss of limb, catastrophic brain injury.  Len and Mayra share a unique and valuable conversation on the importance of understanding not only the liability and causation issues involved in these matters but also the other unique complexities of such cases. 

On our Financial Channel - On The Anderson Files, Mike chats with Marcia Wasserman on the compelling topic of how The Great Resignation, a result of the Covid pandemic, has impacted companies and employees and changed hiring practices across all industries in the United States.

On our Health Channel - Tune in to Late Night Health to hear Carl Contino, founder of Untapped Genius and whose “Life as a Wave” principles have not only helped him free his mind of the cognitive issues which persisted for so many years, but also opened the doors to what he calls "untapped genius" - abilities found in the mind and body that most individuals don't even know they possess, the gifts and talents that can transform the quality of life and what is possible for each of us.

On our Sports Channel - We are delighted to announce the newest addition to our Sports Channel, The Sports Quarter with Sid Patki.  The Sports Quarter is the place for fun discussions in fifteen minutes on sporting events around the world, showcasing crisp exchanges of views with players, coaches, and referees on Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and more.

Joining Gary Stern and Lucy Tseng on Episode 6 of the new season of After The Glory featuring UCLA alumni is former college and professional football player, Alterraun Verner.  Not only was Alterraun an elite defensive player at UCLA and in the NFL, but he was also one of the most academically gifted athletes in history.  These successes and his love for education have led to his becoming a middle school mathematics teacher and philanthropist.

On our Business Channel - Welcome to host John Cronin and Invent Anything, joining PodClips as the inaugural show for the Business Channel. Listen in as John shares his expertise to help demystify the invention-creation process to bring value to your business and your life.