The world of medicine has become almost unrecognizable with all of the myriad and exciting changes to the way healthcare professionals are able to serve their patients. Join us as we examine what once seemed futuristic, but is happening here and now.


We live in an age where the most incredible strides have been made in the area of medicine. There are promising breakthroughs in cancer treatment, innovations in medical robotics, and the possibilities of 3-D joint replacement surgery. Doctors are tasked with finding new ways of helping patients to approach disease prevention and cope with debilitating illnesses, while both parties try to navigate the juggernaut of constant changes in providing and choosing healthcare. With the advent of web services to investigate symptoms, people have found more avenues to become proactive partners in understanding their health, but is it creating a new level of concern? Our medical experts will discuss the latest research, how to look after your physical and mental health, and the changing face of how you go to the doctor.