A Difficult Season for the Lakers

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
A Difficult Season for the Lakers

What caused the Lakers’ rough year? It isn’t any one thing and the LA Times indicates that Frank Vogel will most likely take the brunt of the blame for their 41-41 season, even though it’s not all his doing. LeBron James has had a lot of say in who has been recruited to the team and shows signs of wanting to be GM and head coach. With a team of superstars, how do you share one basketball among them? They need to play as a team, not as individuals. Have the older players slowed down from sustaining too many injuries, and are the younger players too inexperienced? Are the huge salaries causing the team spirit to disintegrate across the NBA?

Is Chip Kelly leaving UCLA to go back to Oregon? He had a great four years at Oregon then spent some time in the NFL, but has not reached the same success in LA. Will he return to the Ducks, or is Justin Wilcox a more likely candidate?

The transfer portal gives college players the option to leave one program and go to another school and have the opportunity to make money as an athlete, but is it creating too much upheaval? Are some players just leaving because they are not getting the playing time they’d hoped for, as opposed to others who transfer because the coach that recruited them has gone to another school?

The Heisman Trophy will be awarded this week, with Aidan Hutchinson (Michigan DL), Bryce Young (Alabama QB), Kenny Pickett (Pitt QB), and C.J. Stroud (Ohio State QB) as the top contenders. Could another Mater Dei Quarterback be the Heisman winner?

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