A Dog Bites Two with Devastating Effect

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A Dog Bites Two with Devastating Effect

Lance A. LaBelle, Esq. is a highly regarded mediator, arbitrator, and insurance expert with experience handling all forms of insurance matters. Before embarking on a career as full-time neutral, he practiced law as an AV-rated attorney for over 30 years, handling a wide variety of matters and specializing in insurance cases. In this conversation with Len, Lance tells the story of a dog attack that resulted not only in devastating injuries to those bitten but also potentially affected the life of the dog owner’s lessor. Lance demonstrates how he was able to help the parties overcome numerous impediments including issues of coverage, policy limits, an insurance company’s potential insolvency, and an impending summary judgment motion to reach a resolution. His creative approach provides useful lessons in how an accomplished mediator addresses the interests of the parties to great effect.

Mr. LaBelle tries never to lose sight of the goal of dispute resolution – to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. He carefully listens to the parties to gain a thorough understanding of their positions and real interests. While Mr. LaBelle takes an evaluative approach, he also focuses on building trust and a productive working relationship with counsel and their clients. He looks for ways to “expand the pie” and employ creative solutions to reach a settlement.

Lance’s approach to mediation incorporates his belief that mediation does not begin or end on the date of the mediation. He endeavors to discuss the case with counsel before the date of the mediation and follows up with counsel after the mediation if necessary. He does this at no additional expense and matters often settle as a result of these continuing efforts. Mr. LaBelle cares deeply about the outcome of your case, and truly appreciates the parties and their counsel placing their trust in him to assist in the resolution of their disputes.

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