A Tree Can Be Change – Celebrating Arbor Day

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A Tree Can Be Change - Celebrating Arbor Day

Just in time for Arbor Day, the Arbor Day Foundation is renewing its efforts to plant 500 million trees. The organization celebrates the power of trees to oxygenate the planet, purify water and air, lower city temperatures, provide habitat, nurture the soul, and provide essential food sources. A new national survey shows that 94 percent of Americans believe trees are good for the planet. Plus, nearly 9 out of 10 say now is a critical time to replant our nation’s forest.

We have a special interview with Dan Lambe, who is the CEO of the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest non-profit member organization dedicated to planting trees. He visits with Mark Alyn on this editon of Late Night Health to discuss how trees and forests are the number one nature-based solution for reversing the negative effects of a changing climate. He explains why ‘If ever there was a time to be planting trees, that time is now.’ This renewed campaign comes on the heels of Earth Day and in celebration of Arbor Day 2023.

Dan also shares how a global movement to plant trees is gaining momentum, learn about the need to act on a massive scale and plant millions of trees today to have a measurable and lasting impact on billions of lives tomorrow. Tune in to learn about the impact of trees on our environment and how to get involved in planting trees in your community.

Dan Lambe is CEO of the Arbor Day Foundation, an organization founded in 1972. Under Dan’s leadership, the Foundation has grown to become the largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. During his 17 years with the Foundation, he has led the development of innovative programs that expand the organization’s global reach, including international forest restoration efforts and the most recent Tree Cities of the World program. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, the Arbor Day Foundation has helped to plant almost 500 million trees in cities and forests in more than 50 countries.