After the Elephant Session 1: Trade Media/Associations Panel

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After the Elephant Session 1: Trade Media/Associations Panel

After the Elephant Recap: Trade Media/Associations Panel

In the trade media/association “After the Elephant” discussion of “Identifying the Elephant in the Room: Critical Communications Strategies in the Face of Sexism’,” host of Late Night Health Radio, Mark Alyn, moderated the conversation with guests: Hank Shultz, senior editor at Natural Products Insider, Katrina Tolentino, executive director at Naturally Network, and Craig M. Muckle, senior director of communications at Council for Responsible Nutrition, to respond and discuss session one of the sexism seminar series and challenge other leaders in the industry to do some deep work to make meaningful and fundamental changes when it comes to sexism within the natural products industry. The discussion included some key takeaways and memorable moments including:

Tolentino: “When we’re having these conversations, what we’re actually trying to do is bridge the gap, whether it’s a generation gap or it’s a gender gap.”

Muckle: “The United States is based on freedom, but some people feel like they have more freedom than others.”

Shultz stressed the need for equality: “If you want full equality, there has to be equality across all categories, if not, everyone’s diminished.”

Tolentino gave a concrete example of sexism that’s often overlooked: “Ignoring an email from a woman because you didn’t like the opinion that she had… that has an effect.” Further noting that because we are so used to sexism in our daily lives that, “we’re looking for overt and much more damaging behaviors to call out,” while missing the more common dismissive actions. Additionally, she noted, “Obedience sounds a lot like respect to men,” pointing out that, “when women have an opinion and it’s different from a man’s opinion, it’s seen as disrespect.”

Alyn admitted that “I’m doing things that I don’t realize that I’m doing and I want to learn.”

Session One Action Items:
Introduce her in a group.
Invite her to the VIP event.
Cultivate female sources for stories.
Have conversations vs. presentations.
Call it out if the boss has a poor response.
Discuss sexism issues with leadership.
Keep producing diversity content.
Keep inviting people. Don’t give up.
Don’t be surprised by her title, respect it.
Don’t tell her to “check with her husband” or call her “honey.”

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