Are More Big Names Coming to Los Angeles?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Are More Big Names Coming to Los Angeles?

Will there be another quality news program to replace Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel? Known for addressing real-life issues and safety concerns in sports, the show provided the service of keeping fans informed and helped to effect changes along the way. With an absolute overabundance of networks and streaming services to choose from, are there any in line to pick up Emmy-winner Bryant Gumbel’s show and keep the legacy of truth in reporting alive?

Which team leads the NCAA with the most athletes in the Transfer Portal as 2023 draws to a close?

Have the Rams made an unexpected comeback this season? Could they surprise pundits and make the playoffs? Do they have a chance against top teams like San Francisco or Baltimore? Has Sean McVay rallied his team past much lower expectations earlier in the year? Was his experience under some great leaders a distinct advantage to him as a young coach?

Is there any truth to the buzz that a West Coast team is considering Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh or New England’s Bill Belichick as their new head coach? Would the Chargers loosen the pursestrings enough to bring such a big name on board? Will the possibility of another multimillion-dollar paycheck in Los Angeles overshadow the huge outlay Andrew Friedman has been spending on salaries to attract superstar talent to the Dodgers?

Are Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City due for luck to swing in their favor in their matchup at home in Kansas City against the Raiders? Or could the Raiders upset the applecart, having recently produced some surprisingly big scores, namely going from 0-63 points in the short space of a game?

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