Avoid Patent Infringement with Freedom to Operate

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Invent Anything
Avoid Patent Infringement with Freedom to Operate

In this episode, we’ll cover freedom to operate (FTO), what it is, and the many strategies that you can use to gain leverage for your company. Learn secrets very few companies know, and more importantly, learn how to protect your company from patent lawsuits. FTO will also let you know more about your competitor to build better products and services at very low costs. Topics covered in this episode include:

1. What is “freedom to operate”?
2. What are the next steps if there is an FTO risk?
3. Things that you can do if there is FTO risk. What are the tactics you can use?
4. How can you leverage FTO in your company?
5. How to build what you learn from FTO into your product development or IP strategy
6. The future of FTO