Can the Dodgers Get Out of Their Pitching Predicament?

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Can the Dodgers Get Out of Their Pitching Predicament?

As the MLB trade deadline approaches, the Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves down several reliable pitchers. Despite high-profile acquisitions like Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Tyler Glasnow, injuries have decimated their rotation. Should the Dodgers make a move for another arm, with Walker Buehler still sidelined and Clayton Kershaw’s status uncertain? The front office must weigh the cost of spending the money on prospects and giving up valuable minor leaguers, especially considering Ohtani’s expected return to the mound next season. Would one more pitcher tide them over until some of the injured players are healthy again?

The NBA is shelling out some serious dollars to pad team rosters after the finals. The Philadelphia 76ers made significant investments by signing Paul George to a four-year, $212 million contract and extending Tyrese Maxey for five years at $204 million, signaling the 76ers’ intent to challenge Eastern Conference powerhouses like the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks. And the Celtics, fresh off of their championship win and extending Jayson Tatum’s contract for over $300 million, are now on the market for several billion dollars. Will a bidding war erupt for the World Champs? Meanwhile, LeBron James inked a two-year, $104 million deal with the Lakers, raising eyebrows about the potential implications for his son Bronny’s future with the team. How much is LA paying Bronny, and how long will they be Team James?

Caitlin Clark’s explosive entry into the WNBA has sparked both adoration and controversy, with teammates publicly vowing to protect her on the court. Clark’s impact extends beyond her play, potentially reshaping the economic landscape of women’s basketball. As she draws larger crowds and lucrative contracts, will this open doors for other WNBA stars to demand higher salaries?

Aaron Rodgers’ commitment to the New York Jets is under scrutiny as he opts to play in a celebrity golf tournament rather than attend training camp, adding fuel to ongoing debates about his dedication to his new team and the NFL. With the Hall of Fame game just a few weeks away, fans wonder if Rodgers is still interested in leading the Jets, or is he treating his $50 million contract as a golden parachute?

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Hey everybody, it’s Fred and the Fantastics, Art Sorce from Galaxy Sports and sports historian Matthew DiBiase with us.
You can email us at,
You know, one thing I want to say is that, you know, you can look like you’ve done wonders in the off-season if you’re in any sport.
But let’s just talk baseball right now for a minute.
The Dodgers go out and they spend the money for Glasnow, and they spend the money.
Yamamoto, and they spend the money, of course, for Ohtani.
And bottom line is they need pitching.
It’s almost like they didn’t spend the money.
Every pitcher that they go out there seems to get hurt.
Bottom line, Art, let me ask you this question.
I mean, do you think it’s the way they’re,
I don’t know, I don’t think it’s Mark Pryor’s fault.
I have a theory, Fred.
And I used to talk a lot with Art Fowler, Bob Lemmon, some of the old guys, when I worked
for Mizuno, they said the more you throw, the stronger your arm gets, which is contrary
to what all these major league teams believe now.
I think these guys go out and they try to go five innings and they go, I don’t want
to say this on the radio, but balls to the walls.
And I don’t think that’s the way you pitch.
I think the great pitchers in the old days, like your Sponys, your Gibsons, they
threw a hard and everything, get a Koufax, but they pull, they threw to try to get guys
out of curve ball, you know, in a certain situation. So the guy tries to pull it grounds
it to short easy, you know, five, six, seven-pitch innings and you know, throwing long
toss. That’s another thing. They extend the arm. Um, you know, this, this Tommy John
thing comes from these pitchers going hard, going, going full speed. And, and I don’t
they do as much running in the outfield. I remember as a kid going to Dodger Stadium, going to,
you know, wherever it was the vet, however you want to talk about it, but you would see Carlton
and you would see guys like that running in the outfield or on the warning track.
Didn’t want to run too much on the Astroturf, but on a grass field they’d be running from right
field to the left field line. You just don’t see that much anymore. Now they’re out throwing footballs around, which – Let me ask you guys let me ask you guys a question –
we’re talking about the Dodgers should they make a deal before the end of the
month when the trading deadline hits? The bottom line is let’s not forget that
Ohtani, next year, will be pitching again all right so they’re talking
about Crochet of the White Sox, fine young lefty, but the point is do you go
and spend dough and give up some of your valuable minor leaguers? And the
bottom line is by next season Ohtani’s gonna be back, we don’t know who’s gonna
be back. Folks, by the way, this is heard on PodClips and BLEAV around the
world so we’d love your emails at Matt, should the
Dodgers give up a whole lot or a pitcher or two if we know Ohtani’s
coming back next year, Glasnow, we know is going to get hurt.
I mean, I’m talking it’s an unbelievable situation.
You got to make some type of at least one pitcher, at least a free-agent rental.
I don’t know if I’d give up a phenom.
Maybe I would go for a free agent, a free agent rental because you’ve got
Yamamoto and Buehler out and all that.
So I think you need to get at least one or at least a starting arm there
to carry you through for the remainder of the season, should go get just like
I’m saying the Pirates should go get the same guy, Anderson from the Angels.
Well, the guy was great. He’s not going to cost them a lot. He gives him a lot of innings.
You know, I looked at the old, in the very beginning of the season, we had Yoshinobu Yamamoto,
Walker Buehler, Tyler Glasnow, Bobby Miller, Emmett Sheehan, Ryan Yarbrough, Gavin Stone,
Michael Grove, Nick Frasso, and Landon Knack. Last time I checked, that’s ten pitchers.
Where are they? What’s going on, Fred?
I don’t know.
They’re all hurt.
Try for one.
Try for one.
See if he can not lose too much, but at least I think at least, when’s Kershaw coming back.
Yeah, that’s another thing.
Another, but at least at least one pitcher to tide you over, and all right now they
got a six and a half-game lead over the Padres and all of them, you know, but
I think that I think they should try at least test the water.
See what’s out there.
See what you can get for it.
They still need one more pitcher, at least another, another, at least they need
four pitchers at least, that just to tide you over and all that.
I know they speak Spanish.
You think they ought to go for Trevor Bauer.
That’s a joke.
That’s a joke.
I think Mexico City Reds would never give him up.
That’s a joke.
Folks, you can email us at
All right.
What about Caitlin Clark and the Indiana fever?
One of her teammates now says if anybody touches her, they’re
going to be very sorry.
Bottom line is, is it racism? Is it envy? Is it everything? I’m happy that the teammate
said what she said. To me, Caitlin Clark is doing whatever she can do. Art, you’re first.
What do you think is going on there?
I’m a big fan of hers, Fred. I really am. I really liked what her teammate did the
other night, or the gal she was playing against, when she untied her shoe to give
her a chance to tie her shoe real quick. You know, she’s great for the game. And
I guess everybody’s losing sight for that.
I mean, women’s basketball, we’ve talked about it, Fred.
Prior to her coming along, eh,
did it really get you fired up?
Not really.
But when I get a chance to watch her,
I will watch her.
Because that little pull-up shot from half court,
that is just, you know,
that just shakes me right down to the,
it’s so awesome to see her.
And she’s such a natural,
and she’s a lot faster than I thought she was.
she really gets up and down the court.
I think it’s a great thing.
And yeah, Fred, I got to tell you,
I think there is a little spackle of,
you know, people really wanting to hate her.
I don’t know why.
I’ve never been able to figure that out.
I think what he’s saying, envy.
Actually, they shouldn’t be envying.
They should be appreciating the fact
that she has opened the door on salaries.
Before, they would cry poor mouth.
We can’t pay you the same way as men.
But now with her contract, if I was an established WNBA star, I’d be putting my armor on and say,
hey, thank you. It’s like what Phil Mickelson said when they, when Tiger was getting introduced
and they’re saying all the, all the honors and he goes, all right, all right, all right.
But he also said without Tiger, I would have never made the money I made in my 45 victories.
You can’t cry poor mouth now because also they’re playing in larger arenas to accommodate
the crowds. Hey, now I can say if I can do just as good as she does or better than she is
and I can lead my team to the playoffs or a title. I said, then you got to pay me the
same. You’re paying her. If you give it to her, you got to give it to me, baby.
That’s right. You can’t cry poor mouth anymore. And also she set a precedent.
What about future college women’s college basketball phenoms? She just set a precedent
there, that door that she just opened, the door that we’re talking about that. Let me
ask you this, Darrell Morey went out and got Paul George and then re-signed Tyrese Maxey.
Paul George four years, $212 million. Tyrese Maxey five years, $204 million. Are the 76ers
going after the Celtics and the Bucks in the NBA? Well, they have no choice. They have to,
man. You know, they got to. They’re going to do something, man. Yeah, they got to go for it.
The thing is, can they respond to Nick Nurse though? I mean, my other question, and I got
to ask this, you guys, we saw that the Lakers signed LeBron James to a two-year,
$104 million contract.
Now, was that 4 million for Bronny or no, he’s got two, he’s got, uh, what?
9 million.
They gave him, that’s what I’m saying.
Was some of that LeBron’s money?
I don’t know.
I don’t know what’s okay, but okay.
Let’s take it from Paul George’s point of view, Steve Balmer’s point of
view, he’s moving into a new arena.
why wouldn’t you want to keep Paul George?
It couldn’t have been the money
because he was making almost as much –
Something about Kawhi Leonard being given a big deal
that kind of bothered Paul George.
That’s what I read anyway.
I don’t know.
Yeah, I’m going with what Artie says.
I don’t know about that, you know.
All right, so the Boston Celtics,
they’re the world-champion Boston Celtics,
paid Tatum more than 300 million.
They were bought for $360 million.
dollars. They’re now on the market. Artie, you have any idea how much money?
Six billion, baby. Step up. I’d be selling them too.
Five to six billion dollars.
Yeah, yeah. That NBA final was so ho-hum. It was disgusting.
I was ashamed of the Mavericks, man. All they wanted to do was get into the finals and after that, they didn’t give a hoot.
Heck, I mean, at least the Stanley Cup finals, that was a fight, man. That was a real dogfight to the end.
That was worth watching this NHL Stanley Cup. I was so mad. Mavs weren’t even trying.
They were not even trying. You could almost say it was a bloody fix. You know, it was almost like
a bloody fix as far as I was, because I was so disgusted. Absolutely disgusted.
Okay, we have a lot of listeners in San Francisco and Northern California.
What is going on with the Warriors, Matthew? What do you think?
Uh, they got to reconstitute, man.
I think didn’t they lose Clay Thompson?
Didn’t he jump?
Yeah, basically they’re in rebuild.
They’re in rebuilding mode, man.
They gotta basically start all over again.
I still think, I still think what they’re going to do is they’re
going to rebuild from the bottom up.
I think they’re going to get rid of Steph Curry.
I think Curry’s going to go to Carolina to get that franchise back.
They’re going to get a bunch of young, good players.
Cause Carolina has some young, good players to go along with
some of their other young players.
And the key in that whole thing though, is what are they gonna do with the mouth on Draymond Green? That’s the key there
Yeah, he was very upset with Thompson leaving. He acted like he was very upset with Thompson leaving, but I think
You can’t trust him not to go crazy on the court. Yeah
I’ve been saying that for five, six years now.
A ticking time bomb man.
Rigged to explode, man.
But they’ve been together since 2012, the three of them.
Now there’s just two.
As far as Curry is concerned, maybe the greatest
outside shooter I’ve ever seen in my life.
But the funny thing about Thompson going to Dallas
Is, instead of the Lakers, Michael Thompson
does the color for the Lakers.
So it’s like he was upset with his son,
although he said, my son’s 34.
he can do what he wants but uh I’m sure he was upset with that. The great thing about
going to the Mavericks though if you’re a ball player is you get to stay at all the
Sands hotels all over the world. I always liked Mark Cuban as an owner. I always liked him
in a way as a businessman. Now he’s a managing director. Yeah.
What was that? Matthew, in our
final 30 seconds on Fred and the Fantastics.
OK, what about the NBA and all that?
Give us your thoughts.
Give us your thoughts about anything in 30 seconds.
Go ahead.
Only a miracle can save this country now
in terms of the presidential election.
Oh, we need a miracle, man.
I mean, literally, a direct divine intervention.
Is her name Mrs. Obama?
Probably, yeah.
I mean, probably, the thing is, does she want it though?
I don’t think she does.
It’s just, I mean, you get more and more calling for Biden to be removed.
I think, yeah, I saw that debate.
It was, I was crying, man.
I was, I was bawling my eyes out.
I mean, it’s a nightmare.
You saw my, Fred, you saw my Facebook post, man.
I mean, it just, I’m dying.
Guess what I’m excited about, you guys?
I’m going to have my local pair.
I’m excited about, we’re only 56 days from college football.
We’re less than three weeks away from the Hall of Fame game and football.
I look at the NFL right now and I see an AFC dominated by good teams and quarterbacks.
So I think the title is going to come out of the AFC.
But I’m wondering, Aaron Rodgers, you guys, I know this week he’s not going to be
doing camp because he’s going to be playing in the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament.
Is this guy like, does he really want to play in the NFL or is he cashing
50 million dollar checks? Well, you know, Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s
running mate.
McAfee’s off for two weeks. So he can’t be on the radio. But
he’s very good. Yeah, I’m gonna say one more time. I’ve
said this many times on this show. You know, when Brett
Favre treated Aaron Rodgers unfairly, I was very upset. I
said on every show I’ve ever done. And then of course,
when they drafted Jordan Love.
Rogers treated him as poorly as he was treated.
He’s a self-centered guy.
I mean, there’s no question.
And he went to Egypt instead of mandatory mini-camp.
And that’s when I said he’s definitely in denial.
All right, I’d like to thank Mario.
I’d like to thank Art.
Thank you, Matthew DiBiase.
Fred and the Fantastics on BLEAV and PodClips.
See you around the corner, folks.