Covid, Covid and More Covid

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Covid, Covid and More Covid

As of the recording of this episode, 166 players and coaches in the NFL were out with Covid, including Case Keenum of the Cleveland Browns. The way things are trending, some teams won’t have enough players available for upcoming games. UCLA’s basketball game against Alabama State had to be canceled an hour before tipoff, potentially jeopardizing their Saturday showdown with North Carolina. Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers is also out with Covid, and he is rumored to be on the verge of being dealt to another club. Covid is wreaking havoc on club rosters, and the only benefit is that players who would not ordinarily have an opportunity to shine, such as Austin Reeves, get a chance to be in the spotlight.

All sports organizations, at both the professional and college levels, have their own protocols – and protocols vary in each of the 50 states, creating confusion as teams travel to fulfill their schedules. Is it even possible for there to be a standard across the country? The Olympic Games in China are set to begin in February, bringing with them the added complication of how other countries deal with Covid. Will politicians and medical experts ever be able to come to some agreement over how to keep everyone safe?

Josh Lambo, the former kicker for the Jacksonville Jaguars, says he was kicked in his already injured leg by coach Urban Meyer during warmups before practice this past August. The Jaguars made no mention of it to the NFL until the story broke – does Lambo have grounds for a lawsuit and what does this mean for Meyer?

It remains to be seen whether the safety of players and fans will take precedence over the Super Bowl, college bowl season, the Olympics, and March Madness – or will the almighty dollar win out?

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