Deion Sanders and the Buffalo Migration

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Deion Sanders and the Buffalo Migration

Deion Sanders made it clear upon his arrival at the University of Colorado that he planned to effect a dynamic change in the football program after their losing 2022 record. More than three dozen players have left the Buffaloes through the transfer portal since Sanders became the coach. Did he set an unreasonable expectation that athletes were unwilling (or even unable) to meet, or was it an opportunity for players to rise to the occasion and become a winning team for the 2023 season?

After many stalemates in negotiations, Lamar Jackson, acting as his own agent, just signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens for five years and $260M, making him the highest-paid player in professional sports and NFL history. In the wake of Jackson successfully navigating the territory usually reserved for seasoned agents, will more players follow his lead and try their hands at getting better deals without the intercession of agents? Or does this mean big headaches on both sides of the negotiating table?

Now that Aaron Rodgers has joined the New York Jets, he’s nearing 40 and faces some new challenges playing on Astroturf, which takes a toll on the body. Will he do a good job entertaining the people of New York, and could the offensive coordinator Nate Hackett be the secret to helping him continue to win titles?

The NFL Draft has shone the spotlight on some very talented athletes making the transition from college ball to the pros. One such standout is Bijan Robinson, an award-winning running back out of the University of Texas, who was selected eighth overall by the Atlanta Falcons. Something of a marketing guru, Robinson was making upwards of $2M from a deal with Maserati and his signature brand of Dijon mustard through the NIL in Texas. Will he be taking a pay cut to play in the NFL? Are the Falcons on track for a winning season now that they’ve brought Robinson on board, along with shoring up their defense? What other great things are ahead for him?

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