Did the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win Influence a Political Decision?

BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Did the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win Influence a Political Decision?

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has commuted the drunk driving sentence of Britt Reid, son of Kansas City Chief’s coach Andy Reid, who will serve the remainder of the three years under house arrest. Reid, convicted of driving over the speed limit while intoxicated and leaving a 5-year-old girl severely impaired with a traumatic brain injury, has also had prior brushes with the law. Was the decision politically motivated? Would he have completed his sentence and the accompanying rehab in prison if his father wasn’t the reigning Super Bowl-winning coach? Is this fair to the little girl and her family?

NFL quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson are free agents seeking new teams for the coming season. Will Minnesota bid for Cousins, given their previous affiliation? Is money the reason behind their hesitation? What about Atlanta? After Wilson’s recent injuries and time on the sidelines, is he pondering a move to Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, or San Francisco? Are all of the teams just waiting to see who makes the first move before submitting offers?
Is print media shrinking? With online news bombarding people 24/7, more diehard publications seem to be blinking out of existence, and fewer reach the printing stage. Do those under 40 even read the news, or just stream it exclusively?

After all of their recent high-profile acquisitions, are the Dodgers playing the left side of their infield to their best advantage? Would Max Muncy be better as the DH, a position now given to Shohei Ohtani, and manning first base instead of third? Is Gavin Lux suited to shortstop or is someone else eying the position?

TruTV will soon be launching a nightly sports show followed by a sports wagering program. Has this gambling phenomenon exploded now that major sports networks have also jumped on the bandwagon? Even though these organizations attach a disclaimer about seeking help if betting becomes a problem, aren’t they contributing to a potential increase in gambling addictions?

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