Down to the Final Four

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Down to the Final Four

A big double-header on Sunday will determine the final two NFL teams going to the Super Bowl, whittled down from 32. The weather in Philly has caused a lot of trouble for other teams this season. Will it make a big difference in the Eagles/49ers match-up, or can the San Francisco team overcome those chilly conditions with their fast defensive line?

The Cincinnati Bengals have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs in their last three meetings. Does QB Joe Burrow have the right stuff to take the Bengals all the way? Andy Reid has coached his teams to the big show five times with one win. Can he help the Chiefs get there with Patrick Mahomes in charge on the field?

Diamond Sports Group is $10B in debt, meaning that the MLB’s Diamond Broadcasting is bankrupt and facing disruption in many markets. How will viewing fans be affected with Opening Day just a few months away? Are the MLB player salary structures adding to fans’ woes by passing on salary costs through higher stadium prices, making a family day at the ballpark out of reach? Do the gigantic payrolls equate to more World Series-winning teams? Did the Dodgers’ 2020 World Series victory prove that spending $200M on salaries is the way to go?

Legendary college basketball commentator Billy Packer passed away this week after more than three decades with CBS and several years with NBC before that. He was a big part of college basketball over the last half-century, and his experience and knowledge in the broadcasting booth will be missed. His son Mark Packer, a commentator on the ACC Network, will carry on his legacy.

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