Everybody Loves a Great Sports Movie

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Everybody Loves a Great Sports Movie

The best sports movies of all time focus not only on the game but also on the underlying human condition that everyone can relate to, and being a sports fan isn’t a prerequisite. Baseball figures heavily in some of the greats, as seen in the Kevin Costner/Susan Sarandon love story of Bull Durham, Brad Pitt introducing the power of analytics in Moneyball, the comic relief in Major League, Robert DeNiro harboring a secret in Bang the Drum Slowly, and the unforgettable sight of Robert Redford knocking out the light in The Natural. Want to cheer on the underdogs? Gene Hackman and his basketball team in Hoosiers is your go-to. Looking to have the old heartstrings tugged? Stories of love, friendship, and dedication in the face of tragedies are the driving force in the memorable football biopics of Brian’s Song and Something for Joey – just make sure to have copious amounts of tissue handy!

Do some fans believe wrestling is for real? Is it a reflection of the political climate, with the sides breaking down along the political divide? Or is it simply the entertainment value of hero vs antihero?

As the NBA playoff picture comes into focus, which teams will advance? While a Celtics-Nuggets Finals is a popular forecast, the Clippers’ sleeper potential and Miami’s chances of upsetting Boston again are a definite possibility. Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets are a force to be reckoned with after dethroning the Lakers and there are doubts about whether the aging Lakers core of LeBron James and Anthony Davis can contend for another title run. With the Lakers’ grim prospects, is the once-mighty franchise in decline? What changes does the organization need to make in the offseason? Will they part company with coach Darvin Ham? Is LeBron James planning a reunion with his son Bronny to try and build a super team with the Warriors if Steph Curry departs for Carolina?

It’s a great weekend for sports, whether it’s the NBA playoffs, the NFL draft, or the run for the Roses at the Kentucky Derby, so settle in and enjoy!

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