Financial Planning, Taxes and the Pandemic

The Anderson Files
The Anderson Files
Financial Planning, Taxes and the Pandemic

Michael Bernstein, finance author and enrolled agent, chats with Mike on financial planning and taxes coming out of the pandemic. They discuss key and vital aspects of financial planning and taxes coming out of the worst pandemic in 100 years. Listen to what you need to know.

Michael Bernstein launched Bernstein Financial Services, Inc. in 1987 with an emphasis on tax accounting. This tax consulting and accounting firm prepares approximately 2,000 individual tax returns and more than 250 business returns (LLCs, corporations, fiduciary returns, and estate tax returns) each year.

Mike is known as “Your Working Out Accountant.” His YouTubes are available at and cover both fiscal and physical fitness.

Bernstein Financial Services, with offices in both Los Angeles, and San Diego, California, also provides bookkeeping services for over 50 companies, producing monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial statements for those businesses. Consulting services include business sales and purchases, practical financial planning, insurance planning, estate planning, and retirement planning.

Mike began his career managing a production department for a large paper company, then was assigned a post as a financial analyst for a division of the company. Prior to that, in 1987, he became an Enrolled Agent, i.e., enrolled to practice before the IRS. In 1984, Mike received an MBA from UC Irvine, with an emphasis in accounting. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from UC Santa Barbara in 1981.

Mike can be contacted at 818-997-8622. Visit his website at

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