Finding Income and Fighting Inflation with Infrastructure

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Finding Income and Fighting Inflation with Infrastructure

Over the last decade, extraordinarily low-interest rates have made it difficult for investors to generate income within portfolios. While rates have risen over the past two years, so has bond market volatility, and a higher correlation between stocks and bonds has made the search for uncorrelated sources of income even more difficult. However, at the same time, infrastructure has built a strong track record of generating steady income while exhibiting low correlation to a traditional portfolio and less sensitivity to economic and market risks given the essential nature of the assets.

Against a backdrop of stretched valuations across risk assets and some uncertainty towards the outlook for monetary policy and inflation, there’s no better time to discuss how investing in infrastructure can help build better portfolios. To share his views on the asset class, Dr Kelly is joined by Nick Moller, an investment specialist and managing director within our Infrastructure investment group.

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