Hope Blooms in the Wake of Tragedy

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Late Night Health
Hope Blooms in the Wake of Tragedy

Kim Cantin and her daughter survived an unimaginable loss. In January 2018, heavy rainfall combined with deforestation from recent wildfires caused a series of mudflows northwest of Montecito, California. The powerful mudslide took the lives of her beloved husband, son, dog, and home. Through it all, Kim’s love as a mother and wife, her strength, courage, and determination got her and her daughter through the difficult physical healing period and into the years-long search for the remains of her teenage son.

Kim is the ultimate mama bear who refused to give up. She was blessed to experience the best of human kindness firsthand, from the first responders, friends, community members, rescue professionals, intuitive mediums, and a university professor and students, to her sacred search team. What transpired in the devastating aftermath of the Cantin tragedy was a powerful three-and-a-half-year journey to find her son’s remains, fueled by love, faith, determination, unconventional support, and unexpected wisdom.

In Kim’s words, “Now, I am aware of love coming to and through me more than ever before. I’m more present in the moment. Losing my son and husband, and meeting so many people who supported Lauren and me through our loss and during our search, opened me up to seeing and feeling more deeply.” Her mantra is, “Love will find a way,” and it did.

Kim Cantin enjoyed a twenty-year career in sales and marketing leadership in medical devices for a Fortune 500 company. She later created her own successful marketing consulting firm and eventually took on an additional corporate position as a senior marketing director of another healthcare company.

Kim’s book, Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, is a heartfelt memoir recounting her healing journey amid the tragedy that gave rise to unexpected wisdom, affirming that love transcends beyond life.

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