How to Invent Around Any Patent or Technology

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Invent Anything
Invent Anything
How to Invent Around Any Patent or Technology

Is there a patent stopping your business from moving forward or increasing market share? Do you have a new technology or patent that you think will be valuable but worry your competitors might be able to figure out how to get the same benefits without you? The magic of inventing around patents is for you. Any patent can be invented around, either to avoid needing a license to a patent or infringing on a patent or to strengthen your own portfolio so that it’s harder for competitors to get around you. In this episode, we will cover six topics:

1 – What is inventing around and why you should do it

2 – The Ad Hoc method of inventing around and its limitations

3 – The Invent Around Checklist

4 – Examples of invent around

5 – Strategies for using an invent around process

6 – The future of invent around