How to Raise Money and Increase Valuation Using IP

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Invent Anything
How to Raise Money and Increase Valuation Using IP

In this episode, we will discuss raising more money at a higher valuation using intellectual property. CEOs, founders, CTOs, etc. who are considering raising money may consider using a unique strategy of leveraging IP to tell a better story to investors. We will discuss the meaning of intellectual property followed by the six ways to monetize intellectual property.

We will answer the following questions related to IP and fundraising:

• How do you determine the value of your IP?
• Why do investors consider IP valuable?
• Why should you invest in patents as the CEO?
• How do you assess your current IP position?
• How can you expand your IP positions beyond that so investors can take notice?
• How many patents do you need?
• How do you tell investors an IP story to help you raise money?