How Will Looming National Debt Interest Payments Impact Mortgages?

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The Mortgage Voice
How Will Looming National Debt Interest Payments Impact Mortgages?

Questions about the accuracy and timeliness of government data, such as employment figures, GDP numbers, and inflation reports, highlight instances where these crucial indicators have undergone significant revisions. How much weight should be given to such data when making personal financial decisions? Does the possibility of inaccuracies warrant more caution?

The ballooning $32 trillion national debt brings up concerns about the potential impact of interest payments on social programs and entitlements. Could there be potential cuts to these programs to service the debt interest? In what ways might this impact long-term financial planning? The Federal Reserve’s quantitative tightening measures are designed to combat inflation by reducing its balance sheet of mortgage-backed securities and treasuries. Is this an effective strategy for controlling mortgage rates?

The relationship between the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decisions, bond market movements, and their influence on mortgage rates is complicated and not always well understood by the general public. Do most homebuyers benefit from following the Fed policy to try and discern potential impacts on the mortgage market? With fluctuating rates, should individuals try to time the market or prioritize locking in when it’s appropriate to their particular situation? Given the rapidly changing landscape and questions around data reliability, working with knowledgeable mortgage professionals is the most important way to effectively navigate the market. This week, Jeff’s guests include:

– Gentille Chhun (Realty One) talks about the low housing supply and high demand in the Las Vegas market.

– Cari Anderson of Axos Bank explains their portfolio lending approach and jumbo loan program.

– Charles Giscombe (United Security Financial Wholesale) highlights the benefits of non-QM loans and strategies for helping clients refocus amid market distractions.