Irish Eyes Were Smiling After Battling the Trojans

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Irish Eyes Were Smiling After Battling the Trojans

In one of the granddaddies of all college football rivalries, USC lost to Notre Dame with a surprising 48-20 loss. The three interceptions thrown by Caleb Williams and his being sacked six times made a difficult situation worse. Did the Trojans have a hard time stopping the Fighting Irish running game? Are they in for a repeat against Utah? After the loss to Notre Dame, is Williams still #1 in the Heisman polls and on the shortlist for the All-American first team? Or is Michael Penix of the Washington Huskies currently in the top position to grab the brass ring of college football honors? Will it be a close race, or does there appear to be a breakout winner?

Can James Franklin prepare his Penn State team in time to play against Ohio State? It’s usually a one-sided matchup with the Buckeyes claiming more victories, but the Nittany Lions are looking solid this season with two strong running backs. Could this be the beginning of the changing of the guard in the new iteration of the Big Ten? Are the incoming Pac-12 schools (UCLA, USC, Washington, Oregon) up to the challenges they’ll face in this powerhouse conference?

Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan team are being investigated by the NCAA, facing allegations of signal stealing. Other schools in the same position have been slapped with heavy fines and suspensions. Will he and the school face monetary sanctions? Are there different sets of rules for teams higher up on the reputation and profitability ladder versus those on the bottom rungs?

Is the NBA having an issue with load management? Do they hold players out for rest and reasons other than actual injuries, often having several star players unavailable at a time? It’s difficult for fans to predict when the big names will be on the roster, often resulting in fewer tickets sold, games underattended, and a decline in TV viewing. How will the new Player Participation Policy turn things around, and who falls into the “star player” category?

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