Is Gambling in Sports Too Easy?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Is Gambling in Sports Too Easy?

Four athletes have been suspended for betting in the MLB, three for one year and one for life because he bet on his own team. The harsh punishments have reignited the debate around the ethics of sports gambling, a la Pete Rose, as betting becomes more mainstream and accessible. With new avenues like prop bets, some question if players can resist the temptation to shave points for a big payday. Have the big gambling sites become too enmeshed with professional sports teams? Is there a decided lack of accountability at the higher levels? How can leagues truly enforce their anti-gambling policies?

All eyes will be on 86-year-old trainer D. Wayne Lukas and his Preakness Stakes winner Seize the Grey at the 156th Belmont Stakes, which will be run at the Saratoga Race Course while Belmont Park is undergoing renovations. Can the living legend pull off another major upset and win two out of the three races in the Triple Crown, or will this year’s Kentucky Derby-winning Mystik Dan, the only horse competing in all three legs of the series, grab his second Crown victory? Does the favorite, Sierra Leone, look to live up to his promising odds? How about Mindframe?

Are some journalists saying that Caitlin Clark is too soft to play the full schedule of the WNBA, and others challenging the lucrative endorsement contracts she has signed, citing equally deserving players? Is it a question of racism, where some feel players of color would not receive the same acclaim and money? Or could the attention she is bringing to the WNBA be opening the door for better recognition and opportunities for the rest of the league?

Over in MLB, a potential World Series preview is on tap as the red-hot Dodgers visit the Yankees in a clash of the titans. With both teams leading their respective leagues, it could be a classic Bronx bombardment of big homers all weekend long. Will the Blue Crew bring their A-game? How many fans will get tossed out for overzealous behavior as these historic rivals battle it out? Is Dave Roberts’ job on the line if the Dodgers don’t win the World Series this year?

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