Is Tom Brady Done with Retirement 2.0?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Is Tom Brady Done with Retirement 2.0?

More than a few sources have reported that the NY Jets are pursuing Aaron Rodgers and are offering up some major coin to bring him on board. Is he the missing piece to represent the Jets in the AFC and lead them to the Super Bowl? Could he be another Joe Namath and take over New York?

Will the LA Rams splurge on the budget and keep both Baker Mayfield and Matthew Stafford as QBs? Stafford will play 10-12 games out of 17, so would Mayfield change the dynamics for the rest of the games during the season and give the Rams a chance to do better than last year?

Speculation abounds that Tom Brady is considering un-retiring yet again. Has he decided after two months away from the gridiron that he misses the NFL? Will he head back to Florida for his 23rd season with the Buccaneers and to be near his family?

Are the Raiders committed to winning? What happened between coach Josh McDaniels and former QB Derek Carr to make Carr decide to sign with the Saints instead of staying in Vegas?

Does UCLA have a chance to win the NCAA tournament? They are highly seeded, but defender Jaylen Clark is out with an Achilles tendon injury. Will he be healthy in time to help the Bruins on to victory? If so, is he on to the NBA from there, or will he stay at UCLA for another year if his injury keeps him on the bench for the rest of the season?

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