It’s Anybody’s Game in the NLDS Final

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
It’s Anybody’s Game in the NLDS Final

It’s down to the wire in the fifth and final game of the NLDS series between long-time California rivals, the Dodgers and Giants. A last-minute change by the Dodgers has Cory Knebel as the starting pitcher instead of Julio Urias, who most likely will be pitching by the second or third inning. Gabe Kapler is known for finagling men in the lineup to match right- and left-handers with the corresponding pitchers, but can they win with this strategy? Will the pitcher switch prove to be a smart move for the Dodgers or are this year’s Giants a team of destiny?

In the NFL, it’s the Eagles vs the Buccaneers – does Philly have a shot against Tom Brady and Co.? Can Jalen Hurts be productive with three offensive linemen out? And what’s up with everyone missing field goals lately?

The firing/resignation of Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden over disparaging remarks and emails also brings Washington Football team owner Daniel Snyder under investigation. Among the other allegations of misconduct leveled in his direction, why was he so obstinant about changing the racially insensitive former name of the team after years of outcry from many quarters? Are there different standards for different types of racism? What does the future look like for Snyder?

USC lost against Utah at the Coliseum for the first time in years – can they find their spark and turn their season around? Is the rest of the Pac-12 also in trouble this season?

The Lakers have lost Trevor Ariza to an ankle injury, Russell Westbrook hasn’t been playing well, LeBron James will be out for several games, and the entire lineup will not be spending a lot of playing time together during the season. Is age a factor? Can the younger players step in and fill the void?

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