It’s Official – UCLA is Joining the Big 10

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
It’s Official – UCLA is Joining the Big 10

The UC Board of Regents voted 11-5 to let UCLA move to the Big 10. With UCLA in debt for $62.5M, it was likely a move to try and remedy the situation. It will be difficult to get a video package in place for the Pac-12 without the Bruins and USC, so what schools are stepping in to fill that void to keep the Pac-12 afloat? How hard will it be for families to travel to watch games? What about the fans? Does this mean a lopsided fan turnout at games, skewed heavily toward the other Big 10 teams playing at home across the country from the LA-based schools? Can the financial woes of the Bruins be traced back to less-than-advantageous decisions made by former athletic director Dan Guerrero and past Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott?

Noah Syndergaard has signed with the Dodgers as the third starting pitcher. Will he be able to inject some new life into the pitching rotation with many of the remaining pitchers recovering from injuries? Has his arm fully healed from his Tommy John surgery two years ago? What is the outlook for the Dodgers, as other teams are spending serious amounts to acquire top players and even wooing some away from LA, like Cody Bellinger?

The Rams kept Baker Mayfield from moving to San Francisco by bringing him on board as the new backup QB behind Matthew Stafford. Mayfield looks to have what it takes to be more effective than the other backups have this season, with the drive, enthusiasm, and personality to move into the leadership role. Will Stafford have a lot to deal with in the wake of the concussions he has suffered and eventually turn over the Rams’ #1 position to Mayfield?

Can Justin Herbert lead the Chargers to a win against the Tennessee Titans this weekend?

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