Looking Ahead to the NFL Draft

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Looking Ahead to the NFL Draft

The NFL draft will soon be underway, and the organization traditionally doesn’t draft wide receivers high, with speed being the usual priority. Will Drake London be the first wide receiver drafted and earlier than people think? He may not be the fastest and only played half a season at USC due to injury, but he is a superior talent. Did Cooper Kupp pave the way for him to make a lot of money?

UCLA football coach Chip Kelly has been given a four-year extension to his contract, and, as of the last count, 20 of his Bruins are in the transfer portal. Why are so many leaving Westwood? Is it a reflection of the coaching staff? Will there be enough defensive players left on the team?

Mark Emmert is stepping down as the head of the NCAA, leaving behind much for his successor to contend with. College players can now make money through the NIL to try and subsidize living costs at school and cut their education short for the pros, but what should the NCAA be doing better to help student-athletes?

Kyrie Irving has played less than half of the games in his three seasons with the Brooklyn Nets. Did his controversial behavior cost the Nets games, not to mention millions of dollars? Is there any truth to the talk of his being traded to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook?

HBO’s Winning Times is causing a stir amongst Laker fans, as they feel Laker luminaries from the ‘80s aren’t being fairly depicted. The show has been picked up for another season, but will there be pushback from the real-life athletes?

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