More Legends Lost

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More Legends Lost

Should the Los Angeles Dodgers keep their superstar Mookie Betts at shortstop or move him back to the outfield? That’s the burning question as the Dodgers continue their pursuit of another World Series title. Betts, the former Boston Red Sox standout, has excelled defensively at the demanding shortstop position this season. However, some argue that his elite talents are better suited for the outfield, where he has won multiple Gold Glove awards. Having your best all-around player at the critical shortstop spot follows traditional baseball philosophy, but did the Dodgers make a crucial error in letting Corey Seager go?

The sports world mourns the loss of two legendary basketball figures with the passing of Jerry West and Bill Walton. West, the iconic Laker executive who helped build championship teams in the 1980s and a sports dynasty in LA, is also remembered for his time as a gifted player, living on in the silhouette displayed on the NBA logo. Walton’s impact went far beyond his playing career as a charismatic former Celtics center, leaving an indelible mark as a commentator with his colorful and often larger-than-life broadcasting style. Both will be greatly missed.

Longtime NBA broadcasting team Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson Jr., and Shaq may be headed for a major shakeup. With TNT potentially losing television rights to NBA games, the popular Inside the NBA crew could be looking for a new home. While the games will surely find an outlet, whether through traditional networks or streaming services, some lament the changing landscape that is making sports programming increasingly fragmented and expensive for fans. Will there come a point when every sporting event can only be found on a streaming service?

Why has Caitlin Clark been left off of the Olympic team? Are the powers that be trying to make a point that she is too inexperienced to play in the Olympics? Was it surprising, given the potential number of viewers she would draw? Could she be considered as an alternate if another player gets injured?

Will the PGA Tour announce a merger with the LIV, a move once thought impossible?

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