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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Quarterbacks, Quarterbacks, Quarterbacks

Where is Aaron Rodgers going to end up? He’s eyeing the NY Jets and various other teams, but the best chances to fulfill his goal of breaking all of Tom Brady’s records point to either staying with Green Bay or possibly opting for Las Vegas. After sliding down to 9th place in the running for the NFL MVP picks this year, is that a signal that he’s close to the end of his career? Will that affect his attractiveness to the teams he’s considering?

The Baltimore Ravens have offered Lamar Jackson a guaranteed contract with the possibility of a franchise tag designation, which NFL teams may use to retain one player set to be an unrestricted free agent and sign them to a set contract for another year. Does his performance record warrant a fully guaranteed contract, and can he and the Ravens reach a mutually satisfactory agreement?

A recent report rates the NFL teams in how management treats their players, with the Minnesota Vikings reigning at the top and the Washington Commanders languishing at the bottom. The amount of money each team has makes a difference in the amenities they can afford, but should there at least be a basic standard all franchises should meet?

Several years ago, LeBron James lobbied hard for Russell Westbrook to join the Lakers, and to make room for subsequent players that James has wanted on the team, first-vote Hall of Fame candidate Westbrook was recently shipped off to the Clippers. Now that James has been injured, has that move diminished the chances for the legendary Lakers to make the playoffs? Does he hold too much sway with the front office in making decisions that affect the whole team?

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