Rams Bring Home Super Bowl LVI Trophy

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Rams Bring Home Super Bowl LVI Trophy

After more than 70 years of waiting, Super Bowl LVI brought the Rams their first championship on home turf in LA since 1951. Over 112,000,000 people viewed the 23-20 game that the Rams clinched in the final few minutes. Fred and Art think It could have been a different game if the Bengals had gotten the first down with a minute to go when they were one yard from tying it up. Had they moved 5-6 yards closer, kicker Evan McPherson would have made the field goal. Were there some skeptical calls by the refs? And the Halftime show was also not without its own controversial moments. Super Bowl-winning Rams coach Sean McVay is young, grew up around football, has an owner that will spend money on the team, and a good crew of coaches under him. Will he choose to stay coaching the Rams or go the commentator route, an arguably shorter commitment of time for approximately the same pay?

Are the Lakers in trouble? Who’s really running the franchise? They won against Utah on Wednesday, but the team has had a hard time meshing this year. Anthony Davis has been injury-prone – will he be back before next season starts? He and Russell Westbrook are both facing first-year eligibility for the Hall of Fame. Will their injuries keep them off the court?

UCLA’s Mick Cronin is upset that the Bruins are scheduled for too many games too close together. Is he right to be worried about the team playing six games in a dozen days? UCLA is ranked 13th in the NCAA, but he is known for yelling at the Bruins on camera when games aren’t going well. Does his approach to motivating his team take into consideration that what works well for some players won’t work for others?

LA was able to fete the NFL Champion Rams with a victory parade after their Super Bowl win, but the Dodgers and Lakers missed out on their respective 2020 championship celebrations due to the pandemic. Should there be belated festivities, or should the city leave well enough alone as far as large crowds are concerned?

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