Ransomware – How it Can Impact You and Your Business

The Anderson Files
The Anderson Files
Ransomware - How it Can Impact You and Your Business

Ransomware – how can it impact you and your business? Every day, the costs of cyberattacks are huge on people and companies all over the world. Mike talks with crime and security expert Matthew Kelly on the high risks of a cyberattack and how to prevent, protect and immunize yourself and your firm from this ever-present problem.

As the Chief Executive Officer of B2G, Matthew Kelly is primarily responsible for securing client engagements, coordinating all investigations and security issues, and playing an overall leadership role in day-to-day matters involving the company.

Matthew’s focus is on business development and client negotiations. He has participated in scores of investigative and security matters worldwide, including cases of extortion, theft, cybercrime, money laundering, intellectual property violations, as well as tracing and vetting of entities around the world.

Before joining B2G, Matthew worked in the academic world, where he taught at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Occidental College, specializing in topics related to crime and governmental security. He conducted extensive archival research in three languages and on three continents, culminating in a widely praised history of crime and revolution in the modern Middle East (published by the University of California Press). He subsequently worked in city government as a management analyst, where he oversaw corporate contracts and managed interdepartmental relations, before being hired by B2G as its senior intelligence analyst. At B2G, Matthew worked closely with former CEO Steve Gomez, who had previously led the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division in Los Angeles. Matthew has extensive experience managing international cases, conducting research related to a wide array of criminal activities, and coordinating with both law enforcement and legal teams.

As an investigator, Matthew has worked on scores of complex cases involving criminal elements and organizations and has authored dozens of reports, white papers, and security and threat assessments for clients across a range of industries. His areas of investigative focus have included theft, stalking, extortion, embezzlement, terrorism, cybercrime, real estate fraud, money laundering, and narcotics trafficking. His areas of expertise include crime, governmental security, and analysis of intelligence.

To learn more, you can contact Matthew at (310) 717-6770 or email him at Visit his website at


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