Shuffling the Quarterback Deck

UCLA Bruins guard Jaime Jaquez Jr. (24); UCLA Basketball defeats Chico State 100-61 in exhibition play, November 4, 2021, Los Angeles, CA.
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Shuffling the Quarterback Deck

The great quarterback shuffle continues with retirements, previous retirements renounced, and frequent flyer miles being put to good use all over the NFL. Is the AFC stacked with a gauntlet of promising new quarterbacks? There’s a raft of players on the open market contrasted with those pulling in $90M salaries – how will the powers that be balance it all out? Are guaranteed contracts making a difference? Will players defect to the USFL and XFL to make more money?

Aaron Rodgers is most likely leaving Green Bay to head to New York with a coaching team that can play to his strengths. Will the Packers need to be compensated for his potential move?

Jimmy Garoppolo signed a 4-year $67M deal with the Las Vegas Raiders. Will he be a better fit than Derek Carr? Does he have a broader understanding of the way the offense is run?

Russell Wilson didn’t have the best of seasons in Denver last year. Will new coach Sean Payton be able to turn that around and help Wilson lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl?

Several athletes have recently suffered season- or career-ending injuries as the result of jumping up and down in their excitement of the moment after a particularly well-executed play. Should they be reminded to be careful about over-celebrating after a victory and, in the words of John McKay, act like they’ve done it before?

How does UCLA look in the NCAA tournament? Can Jaime Jaquez Jr. rally the Bruins to make it to the Finals with Jaylen Clark sidelined by his injury?

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