Sports Betting and Olympic Sanctions

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Sports Betting and Olympic Sanctions

The NFL has suspended several players for violating gambling policy by betting on games. Pete Rose was famously suspended from baseball for life and will not be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame for similar offenses. While sports betting itself is not illegal, and the opportunity to gamble outside of a professional athlete’s particular sport is acceptable, it crosses the line of ethics when betting on their own sport. It also does not represent authenticity to the fans if they feel that games could be fixed for financial gain. Are sports owners inviting trouble in the door by letting betting sites become sponsors?

All five of Mick Cronin’s Bruin starters have declared for the NBA draft. Is this reflective of his aggressive coaching style of not displaying a lot of positive reinforcement when dealing with his players when they could have stayed at UCLA and taken advantage of the extra year of maturity and potentially financially beneficial NIL possibilities before entering the pros? Will he be able to continue the legacy of UCLA basketball greatness set by his predecessors?

Cody Bellinger has been named the NL Player of the Week and is having an outstanding run with the Cubs since leaving the Dodgers. Will he be this season’s MVP? Not only does he have his extension back and is batting as strongly as he did in 2019, but his speed and power could have given LA an advantage in stolen bases this year now that the new rules have kicked in. Did the Dodger management team misjudge his talent and value to the team in letting him go? Are the Cubs giving him more chances to shine?

Will the IOC follow through with sanctions against Russia and Vladimir Putin? Should Russia be allowed to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics because of the war in Ukraine? Is it fair to the athletes to take away what might be their only shot at sports stardom, or could athletes participate without being under the Russian flag, as they have done in other professional sports tournaments? What happens if Russia and Ukraine face each other on the playing field? Will Ukraine bow out if Russia does compete?

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