Super Bowl Tickets Cost HOW MUCH?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Super Bowl Tickets Cost HOW MUCH?

The NFL has multiple issues to contend with right now, not the least of which is the lawsuit being levied by former coach Brian Flores. There are still Covid protocols to deal with, questionable personnel behavior to address, and a little thing called the Super Bowl, which is 11 days away.

Seats in the nosebleeds at SoFi Stadium are going for $10,000 – $12,000, and really good seats on the 40-50 yard line are $40,000, with a premium on being able to buy them in the first place. $10,000 – $40,000 to go to the Super Bowl? The most expensive seats for the very first game were only $12! Parking prices at SoFi are also through the roof and could end up being more than $500. With so few parking spaces at the stadium itself, compared to the greater number available when it was Hollywood Park, residents in the area are charging between $250 – $500 to park at homes in the nearby neighborhoods. How can anyone afford it?

It’s official – Tom Brady says he’s retiring from football to spend more time with his family. Considering all of the traveling involved, is broadcasting the next logical step? Will he take some time off before starting something new?

Fred and Art enjoyed Going Deep, the HBO documentary on Terry Bradshaw. Most people know about his amazing career as both a player and a broadcaster, but what surprising hidden talents were also showcased?

In NCAA basketball, UCLA and Arizona are both moving up in the rankings in the Pac-12. UCLA won their last game easily, but this one will be tougher for them, as Johnny Juzang might be out. Art thinks Arizona has something to prove, and the outcome will depend on whether or not the Bruins can hit free throws at the end of the game. Coach Mick Cronin has gotten a lot of players off of the bench, which has given UCLA a lot of depth and will bring fresh energy through the end of the season. Will they have a chance if March Madness and the tournament go ahead this year?

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