The 50th Anniversary of Title IX

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The 50th Anniversary of Title IX

Title IX is celebrating 50 years of gender equality in sports. UCLA was among the first schools to fully embrace and implement Title IX, and Bruin graduate Ann Meyers Drysdale has long been a shining example of a pioneer in the world of women’s basketball. She, and others like her, paved the road for the generations of female athletes that have succeeded them. Women have come a long way since 1972, but have they had as many opportunities as the architects of Title IX envisioned? Do transgender athletes change the definition of gender equality even further?

NFL great and former running back Hugh McElhenny passed away this week at 93. How do his career-high 36 TDs compare to today’s version of football? Is it even fair to contrast a stellar career of a bygone era with the unbelievable numbers being achieved across the current world of sports? Is it a case of apples and oranges?

Trade rumors abound for Kyrie Irving. Is he going to end up with the Lakers? The Nets? Is he enough of a team player to create harmony in whichever locker room he lands? What does Jeanie Buss of the Lakers plan to do? Will she hold on to Russell Westbrook or trade him for Kyrie?

Are the transfer portal and the chance at a “one and done” college career before springboarding into the pros changing the fans’ interest in the NBA draft? Do they still find it relevant?

Has the world of sports gotten too controversial? Are there too many lawsuits and not enough repercussions for bad behavior? Is everything just about the all-mighty dollar?

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