The Big Shakeup at USC

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Big Shakeup at USC

A couple of days after USC’s loss to Stanford, Clay Helton was fired. Who’s the right coach to replace him? Will Bob Stoopes be offered the job? Jack Del Rio? What about Donte Williams? Did Stanford’s loss in Game 1 and subsequent win over USC lead to Helton’s firing? Fred believes Stanford is better than their rating signifies and predicts they’ll win 8, 9, or 10 games this season.

Julio Urias of the Dodgers is 18-3 this season and joins two other Dodger teammates in the running for the Cy Young award. Is his record strong enough to win it?

The Dodgers and Giants are down to the wire with the playoffs in view. Can the Dodgers win the games needed to bypass the Giants, or does it all come down to a single Wild Card Game?

Nick Rolovich, the coach of Washington State, has refused to be vaccinated and has yet to give a reason why he is so adamant about it. What repercussions will this have for the rest of the team?

Ratings are up for the NFL because fans are back in the stands, and many arenas are at full capacity. With the shadow of Covid posing concerns for such potentially super-spreading events, how dangerous will these big crowds prove to be? Is money the driving factor at the expense of public safety?

Cable and streaming companies are making it difficult for fans to watch all the games they’re looking for without having to sign up for multiple services. Why can’t there be “a la carte” television instead of having hundreds of channels that are never watched? And after three months of a new commissioner, the Pac-12 is still not on DIRECTV…

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