The Big Shakeup in the Pac-12

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Big Shakeup in the Pac-12

UCLA and USC are moving out of the Pac-12 into the Big 10 – what happened to tradition? The Big 10 is entering into a giant TV contract, and the revenue generated is about double that of the Pac-12. Has that been the driving force behind the move? Did former commissioner Larry Scott’s media decisions regarding the Pac-12’s limited television exposure hold them back? Can the opportunity for more money and to be part of something more nationally viewable compensate for leaving a conference where they were some of the founding members? Will other schools follow their example? Are the scheduling logistics for cross-country games going to be a nightmare? What about the fans?

Free agency has just opened up in the NBA, with Kevin Durant as the latest basketball star looking to change teams. Is he headed for the Lakers? Could the Lakers afford his salary with what they’re already paying their most high-profile players? And there’s still the possibility of a Russell Westbrook trade, but wouldn’t it make more sense to keep him as a mentor for the younger players?

Next year, the MLB is changing the scheduling to where every team will get a chance to play every other team, instead of 19 games within the division and seven games against the other division. There are also new rules about extra innings regarding ghost runners and having a certain number of players surrounding second base defensively. Has commissioner Rob Manfred changed baseball beyond recognition?

Trevor Bauer of the Dodgers continues to be a very polarizing sports figure with very strong opinions. He’s been suspended from play and is still making a lot of money with the Dodgers, but how long will they keep him on the team?

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