The Ever-Changing Rules for Sports and Covid

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Ever-Changing Rules for Sports and Covid

The New York Nets have given in and have agreed to let Kyrie Irving back after January, even if he hasn’t been vaccinated, having a large number of players out with injuries and Covid. Will he even be eligible to play many games with all of the different Covid restrictions in cities on the road? How do you build team chemistry on the court with members that only play every fifth game or so?

Tampa Bay Bucs coach Bruce Arians stated that Antonio Brown had one chance when they signed him, and if he messed up, he’d be out. Brown was on a 3-game suspension for his false vaccination status, but with several players injured, he’s now back in. Did Arians make the right decision for the team or is it all about winning?

Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA, has announced there are no plans for a possible pause to help deal with Covid. What about shortening the playing season instead? Is enough being done to keep the players (and fans) safe?

JT Daniels of the Georgia Bulldogs is making a lot of money as a college player – he has 3 or 4 sponsors in Georgia – and is not even the starting QB. Why hasn’t Georgia played him more?

The guys are lamenting the fact they’re still experiencing issues with their streaming and TV-provider services…

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