The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports

Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett(8) during during the second quarter of the NCAA football game between the Clemson Tigers and Pitt Panthers on November 28, 2020: at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, SC.  (Photo by Carl Ackerman)
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports

Mint juleps and fancy hats, anyone? The Kentucky Derby will be run on Saturday at Churchill Downs, and a former assistant of trainer Bob Baffert has two horses in the first race of the Triple Crown. Will his presence be felt even though he’s been banned, and could his entries upset the whole apple cart? They ran well in the Santa Anita Derby, so what are their chances under the shadows of the Twin Spires?

Is the NCAA’s NIL policy (the ability of college athletes to make money off their name, image, and likeness) unfair, favoring certain schools and higher-profile playing positions with more significant compensation? With Lamborghinis for some and comparatively little for others, does the lopsided distribution of money do more harm than good for some schools? Should there be a cap on the amount allowed?

The Pittsburgh Steelers chose Kenny Pickett in the first round of the NFL draft. As a talented quarterback, will the Steelers put the pressure on him right away, or will he do better if they don’t push him too fast? Does he need more time to learn to read the field?

The NFL draft itself has changed over the years, becoming a three-day extravaganza, but ratings aren’t what they used to be. Has the NFL jumped the shark?

A lot has changed in Major League Baseball under Rob Manfred, with new rules, prices through the roof, and ratings taking a tumble. What can MLB do to bring in more fans? Would partnering with little/softball leagues and creating more opportunities for young players and their families to enjoy games help build the fan base?

Wayne Player was asked to leave the Masters over an incident during the tournament in Augusta. Why was he expelled, and will he be allowed to return in the future?

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