The Fight for the Victory Bell

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Fight for the Victory Bell

The Rose Bowl will be awash in blue and crimson this weekend as UCLA and USC take to the field for the annual crosstown rivalry. USC is a 2 ½ point favorite in the game against UCLA, but given the current records of both teams, it could go either way. It will be a defensive standoff, with Bruin QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson and Trojan QB Caleb Williams promising to keep the score tight on the offense. The Rose Bowl’s 73,000 seats are sold out, making it the fullest the Bowl has been this season. The Victory Bell is at stake, with the winning team repainting the frame. What color will it be this year – Bruin Blue or Trojan Cardinal?

It’s looking like a QB is likely to win the Heisman trophy this year, with Williams on the list but not DTR. Could a win against USC change that? Have most voters cast their votes by now?

The UC Board of Regents is convening to decide whether UCLA will be allowed to go to the Big 10 or whether they will have to stay with the Pac-12. Would they have to split the money with Cal if they leave the conference? USC is not under the aegis of the Board, so the big question on everyone’s mind is what does the future of the Pac-12 look like if two of the marquee teams jump ship?

How much is the average NCAA QB making through the NIL? Two million dollars. Will there be a gambling problem when other players are getting less? Would it be better to put those large sums in a pool to share within the teams to prevent it?

Joc Pederson signed a $19M for one more year with San Francisco. He has this time to prove himself to see if the recent changes to the rules can work to his advantage. Was that a smart move?

Aaron Judge is going to either the Yankees or the Giants. His 62nd home run ball has gone up for auction, with bids starting at $3M. What would his 63rd ball go for, and any subsequent homers?

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