The Life of a Legend Through the Lens of a Master Storyteller

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Life of a Legend Through the Lens of a Master Storyteller

Fred and Art discuss the incredible eight-hour Muhammad Ali documentary by Ken Burns, and they both enjoyed every minute of it. Ken Burns puts so much time, research, and carefully compiled information into each of his exceptionally well-crafted documentaries, and this stellar recounting of the legendary life of Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali is Emmy Award-winning work.

The San Francisco Giants refuse to fold and are still one game ahead of the Dodgers. Is this their year?

Max Muncy of the Dodgers is a clutch player, but will he be chosen as the NL MVP? He’s hit 35 home runs this year, tying the amount he’s hit in each of the last few years. Can he break through that number?

Dodgers TV broadcaster Joe Davis has Covid, so he and co-host Orel Hershiser, both vaccinated, are in quarantine for the foreseeable future. Joe is also the number two broadcaster for college football on Fox. What happens if other broadcasters come down with Covid? Where do the networks find the fill-ins? Eight New Orleans Saints coaches couldn’t be at their last game because they either had Covid or were close to another coach who did. If the coaches have tested positive, where does that leave the players that practiced with the coaches – should they have even been on the field? Is there any real transparency on actual Covid cases across sports?

In college football, USC is bringing back QB Kedon Slovis for their game against Oregon State after Jaxon Dart suffered a torn meniscus in his debut appearance on the field. Fred and Art both believe that there will be at least 80-90 points scored in the upcoming UCLA vs Stanford game on the Pac-12 network. They anticipate a great game, but it still won’t be available to the majority of viewers. What’s a fan to do?

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