The NBA Finals are Here at Last

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The NBA Finals are Here at Last

Dustin Johnson is the latest target of criticism from reporters for accepting money to appear in a golf tournament in Saudi Arabia. Should independent golfers be able to play wherever in the world they choose, even in countries where possibly dangerous things are going on? Will the PGA Tour allow players like Phil Mickelson back who have gone onto the LIV circuit?

The NBA Finals are underway, with Game One tipping off tonight. Will the Golden State Warriors be more rested after playing five games in their playoff series than the Boston Celtics after their seven-game series? Does coming off of a Game Seven win translate into an extra boost of confidence going into the finals? Will the first few games be more of a showcase, and the championship come down to the wire? Who will be the high scorer in Game One- Steph Curry or Jaylen Brown?

Phil Knight is looking to buy the Portland Trailblazers. Will having a Dodger owner as one of his possible co-owners help the Trailblazers compete on a level with the bigger teams in the NBA?

Do the Dodgers have a new ace pitcher in Tony Gonsolin? How will they do against the Mets, who have the best record in the East, after their dismal showing against the Pirates? The Dodgers have tremendous speed but seem to be having trouble sliding, staying on base, and running at the right time. Have bunting and employing the stolen base become a lost art in the MLB? Are young players being rushed into the majors and not learning the fundamentals?

Coaches and players around the sports world are taking a stand against gun violence during the national anthem after the school shooting in Texas. Will this sway public opinion on gun control?

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