The NFL’s Decision for Deshaun

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The NFL’s Decision for Deshaun

The NFL handed down their decision for Deshaun Watson, giving him an 11-game suspension, a $5M fine, and ordering him to pay restitution to 25 people. He finally came out with an apology and will be allowed to play in some games for the Cleveland Browns this season, but has he been given special treatment because he is a superstar quarterback?

Things are going pretty well for the Dodgers right now, and Dave Roberts can count himself in the lucky category after Craig Kimbrel saved the Dodgers on Wednesday night. Cody Bellinger has been benched for the moment against a right-handed pitcher for batting in the low 200s, even though he’s hitting better than last year. As an all-around great centerfielder and doing his best to cover right and left center as well, Bellinger is still saving more runs when he’s in the rotation even if he hits 220. Did he permanently damage his shoulder when he injured it in 2021?

Mike Trout has been out for some time after sustaining a back injury and missing numerous games over the last two seasons due to other injuries. The Angels’ recent record has not matched the heights of previous years – is that down to his absence? Will he be taken off of the IL and be able to play in Friday’s game?

The University of California regents stated that UCLA can’t transfer to the Big 10 without discussing it with the governing body first. USC, which is also looking to join the Big 10, is a private school and not under the aegis of the UC system, so they don’t have to consider the wishes of the regents. UCLA’s plan to move will help the university financially after a difficult period during the pandemic, so should they have the opportunity to seek out assistance for the school if the NCAA isn’t stepping up to the plate? The NIL, Transfer Portal, and creation of the Pac-12 Network media deal were all instituted under Larry Scott’s tenure as commissioner of the Pac-12, which changed the makeup of the conference forever. But is that change for the better or worse?

LeBron James has re-upped his contract with the Lakers and will remain in LA for the foreseeable future. What kind of paycheck will he be getting over the next two years?

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