The Pac-12 Shines in Final Season Together

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Pac-12 Shines in Final Season Together

The Pac-12 is treating fans to a last hurrah as two-thirds of the conference is ranked in the top 25, with many players and coaches making headlines lately. Will the better overall performance of the teams cause the powers that be to rethink the decision to break up the conference? Michael Penix Jr. of the Washington Huskies is a strong Heisman Trophy contender, currently #1 among voters and a player to watch. Could he bring the trophy out West?

With the ratings multiplying for every sports talk show he’s been on, Deion Sanders is creating a lot of buzz with his different coaching style. Has he turned the Colorado Buffaloes around and made them a force to be reckoned with? Are fans and pundits being fair to him and giving him a chance?

Sean Payton blamed his QB Russell Wilson for the Denver Broncos’ loss to Washington in a close game, and then the team gave up 70 points and 700 yards to Miami the following week. Can the Broncos come back from such a defeat and figure out where they need help the most? Is speed the issue, and is that the only thing you can’t coach against?

After a couple of squeakers helped to boost them to a 2-2 record, Chargers’ coach Brandon Staley is struggling to find the right plays to give LA some confidence to improve this season. Will he be able to put enough successful plays together to keep his job next year?

Has Mike Trout decided to stay with the Angels or go to Philly? Are he and Shohei Ohtani done with Anaheim and seeking better opportunities elsewhere? Will Ohtani most likely be batting and not pitching next season for whatever team he does end up with? Are the Angels in search of some star power to get their team back on track?

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