The Sexiest Man in the NFL?

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
The Sexiest Man in the NFL?

Travis Kelce has become a household name and is the newest go-to commercial spokesperson, seemingly tapped as the brand ambassador for everything. Does he just have a great agent, or is he highly sought after because he is dating Taylor Swift? And does he play better when she’s in the stadium, meaning more possible wins for Kansas City?

Former Rams QB Jared Goff is coming back to LA to play at SoFi, but this time as a Detroit Lion. Can the Lions beat the Chargers at home?
The 49ers are the favorites on the road in the upcoming game against the Jaguars. With Deebo Samuel back and healthy, can he help San Francisco to a win in Jacksonville after three losses in a row?

Were Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan team simply scouting their next opponent by studying other teams’ signals, or was it actual signal stealing as alleged? Was there actual filming of plays involved? How many more schools will be implicated for indulging in the same behavior? Will Harbaugh be back at the end of the year?

Are UCLA and USC football having some difficulties getting their respective acts together this season? All of the elements are there for the teams to do well, but is something missing?

USC and the James family will be announcing a decision shortly about whether or not Bronny James plans to compete this year after suffering cardiac arrest at practice and undergoing heart surgery. As a USC freshman with five years of eligibility, is there any need for him to rush back onto the court?

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