Tiger Bows Out of The Masters

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Tiger Bows Out of The Masters

Tiger Woods experienced a lot of difficulty in the rain on Sunday at the Masters Tournament after shooting well during the week. With a cumulative effect of his injuries and plantar fasciitis adding to the inclement weather conditions, he withdrew from the tournament after finishing seven holes of his third round. Were 30 holes just too much to attempt with all those other elements playing against him? Have we seen the last of the 15-time major champion for a while? Should the tournament have been postponed until Monday for the safety of all the players (and spectators) instead of putting them at risk of injury or storm-related dangers on Sunday? Was it to ensure ratings?

How does the reception look for newly minted Chicago Cub Cody Bellinger as he returns to Dodger Stadium to play against his former friends in blue? Will fans boo him when he walks on the field? How many home runs will he hit, knowing the stadium as well as he does? Can anyone on the current roster match what he brought to the team? Was it a mistake for the Dodgers to let him go? Have they made a lot of missteps with the team since the postseason?

Kevin Cash of the Tampa Bay Rays is probably the most underrated manager in MLB. Every year he’s coached a team that competes and wins, despite player injuries, and makes the most out of his much smaller salary budget. What could he do with a budget the size of the Dodgers?

Is UCLA’s Mick Cronin a stubborn coach? Does his logic of playing only a core of the team and then pulling his best defensemen in the final minutes of a game, often resulting in a loss, cause his players to leave? Four Bruins with eligibility have already transferred, leaving behind lucrative NIL opportunities. Are there any NBA hopefuls still on the team?

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