Tiger’s Back in Augusta

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Tiger's Back in Augusta

Tiger Woods is back in the Masters Golf Tournament, shooting a one-under-par 71 this week and is currently three off the lead. If he makes it to the finals, with all he has been through and after almost losing his leg in an accident a little over a year ago, such a comeback would be miraculous. He means a lot to the world of golf and the PGA tour, and his absolute dedication shows why he is a once-in-a-century athlete.

Anthony Davis has been assuring the press that he is injured, but is it more likely he is injury-prone? What happened to the Lakers this season, losing nine of their last 11 games? Is it due to their relying on their core of older players with bodies affected by more mileage and lack of signing younger players? Where is the club spirit they have been known for throughout their legendary history? What role does LeBron James have in making some of these decisions, and will he return next season? Do the Clippers have a better shot in the playoffs?

UCLA had a real chance in the NCAA tournament, but coach Mick Cronin missed out on opportunities to use his star defenders and didn’t employ his offense to the best advantage. What was his reasoning when UCLA has so much more potential, and will it cause those players to move on next season? Are the new rules of the transfer portal changing the way college athletes choose where they want to play, the coaches they want to follow, and how long they will stay before jumping to the NBA and the NFL? Does it affect recruiting? How does the one-and-done mentality impact the enjoyment of the fans when the players shift so frequently?

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