Time for Tough Decisions

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BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
BLEAV Sports with Fred and The Fantastics
Time for Tough Decisions

Covid has created some unprecedented situations in the sports universe. Simone Biles had a difficult decision to make, but given the dangers gymnasts face if they are unable to focus and as the only one who truly knows her own mental state, she made the correct one for her future wellness. Fred and Art weigh in on the diverse opinions offered by the public when an elite athlete steps back from competition.

The trades are in full swing in baseball and the Dodgers traded for Danny Duffy, but will ‘Mad Max’ Scherzer also wear Dodger Blue? Who else is joining the reigning World Series Champs?

The Staples Center will soon need two basketballs if the Lakers trade for Russell Westbrook. Will there be enough court time to satisfy both LeBron James and Westbrook if he comes back home to LA?

Fans are being priced out of the market when you add up all of the costs to take the family to the ballpark – what does the future look like for attending a live sporting event? It’s been one crazy week…

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